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Women Empowerment 101

I won’t leave March to pass by before publishing an article related to women & women empowerment. So, here we go. I will pour all of my thoughts into this space & hit the publish button before over-thinking it.

This year March was different to me. Yes, it wasn’t the best. Every time comes with its ups & downs or comes with its opportunities & challenges. This March, I personally had to be agile & flexible to change my job role. And as a result, gaining some new skills on both a personal level & a professional level as well. Moreover, the Women’s month came with many opportunities that I really love & learn a new thing daily through sharing the experiences with a network of astonished women.

So, this year I have joined the Women Take the Lead (WTL) organized by the Danish - Egyptian Dialogue Initiative (DEDI). A wonderful network of young ladies between the 20s & 30s who are sharing their experiences from a professional point of view & personal point of view. And to my surprise we do have more commonalities than differences even if we are coming from different backgrounds or different experiences.

As well, I have got the opportunity to attend the Virtual Women Championship which is a 4-days workshop with the “360 Experiential Solutions“ and under the Auspices of the “National Council for Women” in partnership with ExxonMobil. During the 4-days we should attend motivational talks, virtual team challenges, and empowerment workshops.

So, I have got the chance to understand that all women from different backgrounds and different economical or social challenges are experiencing the same challenges in their personal day-to-day live & the same broader challenges that they face in general as working women in the workspace.

From harassment to imposter syndrome to being vulnerable to balance between the family & the career growth. We are fighting the same fights in life, being a woman makes it more likely to fight even more fights to take your rights. In many places around the world, women are fighting for the minimal basic rights (it is not the case in all countries, however it is common). And if you are a man or a women fighting for equality through women empowerment, you will be seen as a monster or alien. Even worse, you might be seen as a fighter who is too much to handle. Or the traditional religious fight of where should males be on the ladder & how women should follow. Which is not true in my point of view!

The bottom line for this article, which will be followed by more articles (will be linked below) to shed the light on success stories or ways to empower more women to fight for their right to live a balanced life. Simply to balance between getting a good education, growing their careers, and building their families. No compromises should take place!


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