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International Women’s Day - Dnaaya

Mahmoud - Dnaaya

Dnaaya is a software development outsourcing company launched in 2016, specialized in web development and mobile application development, to connect the employees from the rural slum areas here in Egypt to the project owners in the United States while paying less than outsourcing to India.

50% of the team members are females from marginalized areas that are working on establishing their career however they are not well-established at their homes. So, Mahmoud is promoting a culture to “bring your kid to work “, “flexible working hours” and “working from home“ abilities to facilitate getting the job done.

Dnaaya operates in an agile model, where the employee chooses the project to work on & work on it on their own pace. The company operates on productivity instead of counting the working hours. Mahmoud as well is addressing the pay-gap between females & males doing the same exact job in a lot of countries around the world, so at Dnaaya the highest paid employee in the whole company is a women.

The biggest challenge facing Dnaaya is that husbands has unrealistic expectations from their working wives. How come you are expecting women to work 9-5; then come back home to attend to every single detail at home! Husbands & wives are in this relationship together, building this home together, and raising the children together. Marriage is a partnership, so whoever is available should attend to the task & do it. It is not a “my job / your job” mindset. But with the teamwork & the fact that team members cares for each other, as the team is always playing with a missing team member. So, they compensate this absence voluntarily. Mahmoud‘s role to support women on his team is to befriend their husbands through inviting them to the office to ensure them that the office is a “safe space”.

Mahmoud’s advice is that laundry & doing dishes are part of your job as a husband and not support! Both of you (husband & wife) owns the house, so it is not hers or his. It is not a plus or support, this is the norm! Go back to history & read what men used to do at their household. When you get married, it is “ours“, it is fine to do the dishes or do the laundry as a guy. It makes you sexier! And his advice for young ladies, keep trying everything! The average age now is 85, so you can keep trying as you have time on this earth. Develop the idea, follow a process, and finally take control of how your day is going. Put a routine to control your life! Everything is a process, even creativity is a “process”.


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