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The Good News by Mariam Solika

Few months back I have got the chance to "virtually" sit with Mariam Solika from "The Good News" to chitchat & interview her on various topics to inspire by her influential story. So, keep reading to get to know Mariam a bit more.

Who is Mariam Solika?

Mariam Solika, in her early 20s. Studied Television & Journalism, currently doing several things: she is a PR account executive at POD Egypt, the founder & creator of "Good News", and the co-founder of "Amina". And this shows how multidimensional she is, being passionate about public relations since her sophomore year in the university. So, she chose it to be her 9 to 5. Then, she has started the video creation during the COVID pandemic & quarantining, as she saw that the world needs a splash of good news. Given the journalistic background, this was the stepping stone to start "The Good News". Last but not least, "Amena" started as a graduation project producing a news documentary then they took an extra mile to discuss the sexual harassment topic through a documentary around the "Me Too" 2020 movement & a podcast called "Heard" that was really interesting.

The 24-hour daily journey by Mariam shows her values integrated with her different projects, as follows:

  1. Connecting human experiences - Public Relations 9-5 job

  2. Hope & positivity - The Good News

  3. Women rights - Amena

What about the "Reuters Foundation"?

During February, Mariam was chosen to participate in the "Young Arab Media Leaders" program that was held in the United Arab of Emirates. This program is the top training program in the middle east with 50 participants from 17 Arab countries, Mariam was representing Egypt during this 360 program. That added value to "The Good News" & her professional growth as well.

What helped her to be what you are today?

Perseverance & not taking no as an answer helped Mariam to be shaped to what she currently is. For instance, she has applied to the "Young Arab Media Leaders" program in 2019, but she couldn't travel due to some passport problems. Then she re-applied again in 2020, where COVID happened. Then she applied in 2021 which was postponed till 2020 till she finally participated.

What inspires you daily?

Mariam is inspired by the person she envisions herself in after 10-15 years or maybe sooner. Mariam creates a vivid image of who she wants to be & who to get herself there. So, this image inspires her to do what she is destined to do & what she really needs to do daily.

An advice from Mariam to our readers.

She don't like "advice" as the story differs from one person to the next. However, she likes to give few advices to our readers to:

  1. Never take "no" for an answer.

  2. Always try again & learn from your mistakes.

  3. Always try to be your best version of yourself & never give up on who you are becoming.

  4. Do it for yourself, as no one will do it on your behalf.

What is means to you to be a "Feminist"?

Being empathetic by heart, putting yourself in other people shoes. Stand for others, advocating for their rights & your rights. There are too many obstacles that we face daily, that makes Mariam a woman advocate; sexual harassment in all its forms which is annoying how people think that our bodies is a public property, and how Mariam herself was discriminated against ever since she was young because she is not worthy given that she was born as a female instead of male.

Mariam is advocating for women daily by being the woman she is & imposing it on people. And this is the best example to show what women can do. As well, she actively participate at "Amena" to listen to opressed women real stories to produce content that combats violence against women.

And to close this interview I will share couple of quotes as a recap.

Be true to yourself & never take "no" as an answer.

Below you will find Mariam's social presence to stay influenced


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