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About Me

Welcome to my website! I'm Shahd Rashed, and I am passionate about several things in life. What fuels me the most is digital marketing, content creation, and philanthropic sustainable women empowerment projects, Shahd's Tea Party is my hustle, where I share my interests, thoughts, and experiences with my community. Showcasing some of my marketing projects, in addition to lifestyle content creation, I am also fueled by my love for humanitarian work. And this makes me a triple threat!

I have graduated from the German University in Cairo with High Honors, majoring in Marketing and Economics. Then, got certified from Columbia Business School for Digital Marketing. And currently working on my master's in business administration from the University of East London.


I have worked in both digital marketing and business development consultancy disciplines for three multinational companies, two in the information technology industry and one in the heavy equipment industry. But that's not all for me. Back in 2013, I have discovered my love for content creation, which led me to contribute to well-known publications such as Rosa El-Youssef, El Youm 7, and Identity Magazine as a lifestyle journalist. And The Law Magazine - the first legal magazine in the Middle East, where I served as the managing editor. Finally, back in 2017 I have started to professionally volunteer for philanthropic projects that makes me a global citizen after joining the Rotary International Organization. I have volunteered in different projects that covers:

  1. Peacebuilding and Conflict Prevention: promoting peace through understanding goodwill and conflict resolution. So, I have contributed to organizing peace conferences in Egypt and supporting conflict resolution and mediation efforts.

  2. Disease Prevention and Treatment: improve access to healthcare and reduce the incidence of diseases worldwide. Contributed to providing medical equipment to hospitals, sponsoring vaccination campaigns to end polio, and supporting disease prevention and treatment programs through arranging medical convoys.

  3. Water and Sanitation: improving access to clean water and sanitation facilities in underserved communities around the world. contributed to providing water filtration systems and constructing wells. As well as sponsoring hygiene education programs in schools and underprivileged communities.

  4. Maternal and Child Health: improve the health and well-being of mothers and children worldwide. Contributing to providing prenatal and neonatal care, supporting childhood immunization programs, and sponsoring health education initiatives for families.

  5. Basic Education and Literacy: believes in the power of education to transform lives and communities. Contributing to activities such as providing school supplies and books, sponsoring literacy programs, and supporting teacher training and education initiatives.

  6. Economic and Community Development: promoting economic development and community empowerment in underserved areas around the world. Contributing to supporting microfinance initiatives, sponsoring vocational training programs, and promoting sustainable development practices. With a special emphasis on project serving underprivileged women.

Beyond my professional life, my six-word biography is: "Share happiness wherever, whenever I am." So, I am always promoting optimism and happiness through my journey.

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