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Having a better conversation

What inspired me to write this today is attending Rotanet online camp a while ago which was a two-day camp that aims to connect people, practice the modern digital market, and spreading positivity in the middle of crisis. And the Rotanet online camp included various categories such as: lifestyle, business development, personal development, inspiration, and entertainment. And this session was held by Dalia Sawy.

To have a better conversation, you must focus on the facial expressions, body language, and tone of voice. For example a closed hand on the check shows interest or concentration listening to what is being said. Cross your hands in front of your chest shows distrust towards the other person or being in a defense mode. Biting your nails shows nervousness or stress or being insecure. Finger tapping or drumming shows being impatient while waiting.

There are some body language mistakes that we should take care of during communicating. Such as turning your body away from the conversation which means being not interested. Another example is checking the time too often which means disrespect or boredom. Keeping your hands behind your back which shows unfriendliness or no self confidence.

To have a better conversation you need to:

  1. Listen & pay attention instead of thinking around the reply.

  2. Non verbal communication is really important.

  3. Use open-ended questions to keep the conversation momentum.

  4. Don't talk excessively & pause for others to talk as well.

  5. Use storytelling in your conversations which is not too long as well.

  6. Be flexible & listen to other perspectives or change your mind.

  7. Be clear & concise by articulating what you are saying.

I believe this article will help us a lot in all of our upcoming conversations. So, start practicing the above discussed tips & see the magic happens.


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