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Empowering Women 111

Today was the fourth day in the Virtual Women Championship organized by 360 Experiential Solutions under the Auspices of the National Council for Women & in partnership with ExxonMobil. And the day ended with a panel discussion among 2 astonished women & a great moderator who created a smooth discussion that helped in sharing different experiences under the topic of becoming a mentor. The panel discussion was moderated by Malak Wahba & the discussion went between Dr. Hadeer El Refai and Rim Siam.

Dr. Hadeer El Refai is a pharmacist with a masters degree in business who started her first business in the travel industry. Followed by this, she has started to be a corporate trainer & a business mentor for women to start their businesses.

Rim Siam is an entrepreneur who is the founder & CEO of WEBB International Middle East. She is working in commerce, helping women & youth to develop new skills to enhance their income.

Malak has started the discussion asking why women might support other women in the work environment or not.

  1. Women in the senior positions not having enough self confidence to empower the junior employees. This happens based on the role, however it is available in women more than in men.

  2. Personality traits, either you live to leave a legacy or you are limited to be more of a selfish person.

  3. Mentorship is a skill or a talent the people might not be aware of.

Malak then asked how to impose mentorship in corporates?

  1. Encourage mentorship & knowledge sharing as a main value in the corporates.

  2. Lower the competitiveness among colleagues which might lead to a feel of fear that when you share what you know others will take your place.

  3. Enhance the self-confidence.

  4. Emphasize the fact that to receive mentorship you need to give mentorship as well.

  5. Raise awareness on the topic & teach people how to be mentors who guide.

  6. The senior leadership need to walk the talk.

  7. Align an old employee as a buddy to a new employee to get the proper orientation.

Malak then asked Dr. Hadeer to tell us more about her business mentorship with women

Women who need to create a new business comes to Hadeer to advice on the business model, business plan, the process, and the financial needs. So, Hadeer helps the ladies to create the aim of the business & supports her with guidance or connecting her with the needed subject-matter-experts. And this is the beauty of having connections & creating networks to exchange ideas, solutions, and knowledge.


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