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Women Empowerment 103

Today was the first day in the 4-days Virtual Women Championship workshop organized by “360 Experiential Solutions” under the Auspices of the “National Council for Women”. And the core values for this workshop were sharing knowledge, having integrity, being empowered, succeed, having trust, and being results oriented. So, for the upcoming 4 days we will have a half-day workshop consists of motivational talks from astonished women, virtual team challenges, and women empowerment workshops.

The motivational talks:

First Day: Dr. Maya Morsy - National Council for Women President

She is an Egyptian political scientist and specialist in public policy. Elected as the president of the NCW on 1.2.2016 as the third & youngest president of the NCW since its establishment in 2000. Before leading the NCW, she has served as a regional gender team leader for the Regional Bureau of UNDP in New York & the Regional Center in Amman before she served as the Country Manager for the UN Development Fund for Women.

Second Day: Nouran Gohar - Squash Professional Player

She took over the World number 1 spot in July 2020. She has lifted her first tour title at the Prague Open in December 2013 at just 16 years old. She has earned another title in the following year at the Irish Open. Then she had a superb victory in the finale of the Monte Carlo Classic which elevated her to the world’s top 20. Then, the quarter-final finish at Texas Open in April 2015 ensured her at the world’s top 15. Three months later, she won the World Junior Championship being one of the world’s finest young talents.

Third Day: Dina El Monty - Founder of Injaz Egypt

Injaz Egypt is an organization which has a strong educational focus on entrepreneurship as well as work readiness and is part of the Junior Achievement worldwide network. Injaz Egypt works in partnership with schools & universities across Egypt impacting more than half a million young people through its programs. The organization also has a strong support focusing on supporting young entrepreneurs through the start-up incubator to launch & accelerate their businesses. Injaz seed funded over 50 start-ups over the past 5 years.

Dina recently founded Inspo; a company that focuses on delivering leading global programs on personal & professional development in Egypt & Middle East. She is also actively involved in the America’s Chamber of Commerce as the co-chair of the Women in Business Committee and is a member of the US - Egypt Business Council.

Fourth Day: Various Women Ministers

Followed by a virtual activity as follows:

First Day: Rescuing the SHEROS & discovering the secret ingredient to make a super human!

Research institutes are convinced that a number of women in this century have a genetic modulation that makes them into a super human! In order to get the secret recipe in this game, teams are asked to unveil the secret recipe. Whilst competing discover the secret ingredient the teams will realize that they can‘t achieve this task on their own and with collaborative efforts the secret recipe will be unveiled.

Second Day: Power of YOU

Power of YOU is a perfect intervention to optimize engagement amongst employees. The game, requires the participants to solve cues, discover attributes, and take up risks while also throwing the light on the works of inspiring women and incidents from all around the globe. Although the game sums up in an interesting and self-admiring route, makes the participants rediscover that they have all that it takes to be a Powerhouse!

Third Day: Wingo

Wingo is when Bingo meets Slot Machine. The game play is simple, engaging, and skillful. Played competitively on individual devices. Highlights the significance of effective decision making.

Fourth Day: Corporate Song Team Building Online

Followed by virtual workshops as follows:

Day One: Work Life Balance

How can women achieve it? What can organizations do to enable work-life balance for working women?

Day Two: Parenting for working mothers

How can women achieve their best as a parent? What can organizations do to enable working women to be a present parent? What about working from home?

Day Three: Employee vs Enterpreneur or a business owner

How to step out of the comfort zone? How to choose the best for you?

Day Four: Empowered women empower other women

How can women achieve it? What can organizations do to enable work-life balance for working women?

Follow for more detailed articles.


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