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Welcome to Shahd H. Rashed's Tea Party Blog

You insides goes out!

I once heard Lamaan, on one of her live videos on instagram as part of Cut the Crap, saying that "When life squeezes you, your insides goes out.". I highly believe in the same concept, whenever life squeezes you, your insides will come to the outer surface. So, relating this to real life. We all have unleashed some stuff from our insides during this quarantine. So, the quarantine squeezed us all which led to exploding all of our insides to the outer surface. Personally, this quarantine squeezed me till I have found that I really enjoy movement. I love to go for a 5K walk or job on daily basis which led to relieving any negative feelings that are coming all of the time from our daily lives whether work or family or friends or anything personal.

I have seen people personally started to work on their side hustles to grow, so as I have already worked more on this blog, its instagram and facebook presence a bit more. Hopefully, this time will help me build a better online presence to my baby "Shahd's Tea Party" the blog. I have seen more people exploring more things within themselves. Like more writing or publishing your writings or doing more yoga for flexibility or more perform more meditation to stay calm & sane during this hard time or photographing with your mobile & instant camera to explore more ideas. Isn't this inspiring?

Frankly speaking, I feel so much gratitude for the quarantine. Yes, it kept us staying in home for more than a month & still counting the days where we are staying home, keeping the social distancing to stay safe. However, staying alone led to diminishing the external stress & increasing the internal stress. So, you are now in a state of being with yourself for more time than ever to explore what are your goals, needs, and wants in life. We all have asked ourselves what if this is the end of our lives? What will we do as soon as this comes to an end?

Personally, I will focus on the below more as I have learned that I can do all of this!

  1. I will live more "in the moment" instead of procrastinating around the future.

  2. I will write more to stay inspired, motivated, reflecting, and active.

  3. I will focus more on the social identity of my baby "Shahd's Tea Party".

  4. I will try to explore more places in Egypt or while traveling.

  5. I will stay healthy & keep a calorie deficit to stay in shape losing the extra kilograms I do have.

  6. I will stay healthy & keep moving around 5KM daily or walking or jogging.

  7. I will explore more with mobile photography & instant camera photography as well.

  8. I will keep listening to podcasts & learn more from them keeping me inspired.

  9. I will stay calm in the mid of the external or internal chaos.

  10. I will balance between going out & staying in, I have learned that staying in is very recharging.


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