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You are a gem, so unearth yourself

To unearth yourself, you have to follow the 3 Rs:

  1. Record: save everything in your brain for later.

  2. Recall: everything recorded in your brain, can come back at anytime you need it.

  3. Recreate: you can recreate everything recorded and recalled.

You are a gem, what that means?

Whenever we unearth a gem from earth, it is just a shapeless stone. Then we re-shape and cut it to whatever size or shape we want. Later on, we exude it and use it.

First: unearth the gem which is your strengths, then start to plan and generate new ways to mark everything you use your gem in. Create your own style, your own office, your own network of people.

Second: you should introduce yourself, the same way people introduce you. Start with your inner perspective "How do you see yourself?", then the external perspective "How do people see you?".

Third: turn your goals to gold! Goals help you to have a set direction, so write your goals and read it daily. To help your mind see and attract what you really want. And this is the law of attraction. Your goals must be SMART: specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-frame specific.

Fourth: know your vision, mission, value, and passion by heart!

  1. Vision is what you like the world to be.

  2. Mission is what is your role in bringing your vision to life.

  3. Value is what makes you angry and what influences you.

  4. Passion is what drives you to work happily and excites you.

After this four-stages journey and with the results, come up with one sentence only that can be easily understood by a child.

In 2013 mine was "Be positive, be open to opportunities, stay focused on positivity, and never let details drag you down"

-Brand Yourself Conference 2013



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