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Work-Life balance Interview

Today I have interviewed 10 of my friends to answer 3 hit questions about millennials in the workplace. What makes you feel accomplished? How do you balance between your career & personal life? What have you learned so far, and want to share with the fellow millennials?

While choosing the questions, I have reflected on them a little!

I do feel accomplished when I receive recognition, whether it is a psychological recognition or monetary recognition.

I try to balance between my career path and personal life, however I am not always successful in this! It is not easy to draw a line splitting them from each other. However, I usually try my best to not worry too much.

My one and only advice is to believe in yourself, believe that you are enough, believe that you can achieve anything you want.

What makes you feel accomplished?

Mayar Hossam: Positive results.

Heba Abdel Baki: When I achieve targets which I set or achieve hard challenges.

Ahmed El Helaly: Seeing my impact, if I wasn't there something would have been missing.

Nourhan El-Bassiony: Accomplish the goals that meets the expectations.

Mostafa Emam: Accomplishing things that others recognize as not an easy task.

Passant Ahmed: Good reviews and feedbacks from customers. Or when I offer something for the first time in Egypt and be the official distributor for an international brand in Egypt and I made it twice!

Michael Ibraam: When people congratulate me for doing something good, and saying "Good Job".

Mohamed Abd El Aziz: Achieving a target, whether being professional, educational, social, financial, or any other target. Each target has its dose of fulfillment.

Mostafa El Rokh: Success and making people happy.

Rawan Ashraf: I never feel accomplished, but I do feel that I am doing well just for the fact that I got a good job and I am doing it well.

How do you balance between your career & personal life?

Mayar Hossam: I don't. I try but I haven't yet figured out how to balance them. What I try to do though is to have one day that is only for me. I don't do anything work related and I just chill. The other thing is no work after hours as much as I can.

Heba Abdel Baki: I tried to balance, but it is too hard after finishing the day work! I arrive home exhausted with a consumed power. But I still try my best to turn my mind off after work.

Ahmed El Helaly: Working in a private business makes it easier to tailor my time, however always prioritizing home.

Nourhan El-Bassiony: Schedule the things to be done after work.

Mostafa Emam: I just give the required time for the job and the rest for things that can make me a better person.

Passant Ahmed: Actually I suffer in this I can't balance because I work alone, just started to have an assistant. I literally work anytime and anywhere as my work depends on mobile and internet.

Michael Ibraam: Time management is the key to balance all your life. Defining short-term goals and long-term goals, make me focus more on each goal.

Mohamed Abd El Aziz: This starts with a mindset, where you should believe that you have to balance between your three lives: professional life (work), social life (families and friends), and personal life. We can’t achieve this balance every single day, but overall it is applicable.

Mostafa El Rokh: I don't think I do have this balance at all. I'm more dedicated to work, giving less time for personal life.

Rawan Ashraf: Well its tough, and I am in no way near to finding the secret ingredient for a work-life balance. However, it is all a matter of prioritizing so once in a while my life beats out my work as a priority and I do what I am going to do.

What have you learned so far, and want to share with the fellow millennials?

Mayar Hossam: I've learned to stop being impatient. Things happen at their own time and despite what the media, social media and the world around us keep projecting in our faces, everything takes its own time.

Heba Abdel Baki: Believe in yourself and your abilities. You can achieve what you want with smart working, invest in opportunities. Have a good relationship with your work colleagues and have a fighter spirit.

Ahmed El Helaly: Life is not easy! If you accept to stand with the crowd then you will never rise. Always give yourself an edge.

Nourhan El-Bassiony: Follow your dreams and be determined.

Mostafa Emam: I have learned that to succeed you have to set a goal otherwise your mind will be distracted and your efforts wont be fruitful.

Passant Ahmed: Believe in yourself! Try to find you passion and follow it, because this is the real thing that will help you in your life. I found myself in the beauty industry.

Michael Ibraam: I believe that time management is the key of any success in life, this is the most important thing for me.

Mohamed Abd El Aziz: Start getting life experiences as early as possible. Be social as much as you can. Start working early in your life. Doesn’t matter if you succeed or fail, at the end your will learn something.

Mostafa El Rokh: Find your true passion and believe that you will get it.

Rawan Ashraf: There is no such thing as a stable life, the more you try to find it the more lost you'll be. Life is a seesaw, and everyday you take from one side to balance another and so on. In the end, no matter what you do, if you're not happy with what you have now, you never will be happy.

A big thank you to Mayar, Heba, Ahmed, Noha, Mostafa, Passant, Michael, Mohamed, Mostafa, and Rawan for sharing your insightful insights.


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