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This Too Shall Pass, Just Keep Swimming

I always practice meditation on daily basis, before sleeping I take 10-15 minutes to meditate & enter the ”good vibes“ area after cleansing all negativity. It is something that encourages me to end every day on a good note & be prepared for the following day. My secret Santa for 2020, got me a Mala beads to keep count of repeating my mantras. So, in the current situation my 2 main mantras are: “This too shall pass” & ”Just keep swimming”. Beside reciting some Quran verses & praying before falling asleep. So, today I have decided to take this space to talk more about meditation.

Studies have shown that meditation decreases stress, increases your concentration, and reliefs chronic pain. Having said that, meditation is not easy especially in the current modern mess that we are living in. Given that we are the most “connected” generation, we need sometime to disconnect & indulge in our thoughts.

In the middle of the chaos, we need to become more mindful:

  1. Breathe deep into your belly for one minute, so you become more present at the moment.

  2. Set an intention, after breathing set an intention for this practice.

  3. Give yourself compassion, know your current feelings & recognize them.

  4. Find calmness, enjoy the silence & enjoy being still.

  5. Feel gratitude, just take a moment to feel thankful for all the good deeds happening around you.

  6. Be compassionate to the others, after being compassionate with yourself you can be compassionate with others.

  7. Make adjustments, build on your learnings what went well & what needs improvement.

Besides everything, I intend to help one person daily. Whatever the needed help is, this makes me feel good. And believe me Karma works, whenever you need help or support those little things comes back to you.



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