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Stress-free Work Life

Thanks The Every Girl for your articles to overcome stress during your work life. As we do start working from 22-60 years old, working constitutes around 40 years of your lifetime. Those 40 years should be stress-free, so below are the advices that I believe most important.

9 things that successful women do before 9:00AM:

  1. They get moving: it can be Yoga or a 30-minutes walk to reduce the stress levels and boost your mood.

  2. They don't hit snooze: wake up when your alarm rings without going back to sleep for 5 more minutes which will harm you more than benefit you.

  3. They eat breakfast: make it healthy and light to boost your energy levels.

  4. They create to-do list: it prevents your mind from clutter and keeps your day organized.

  5. They give themselves a pep talk: through affirmations they can start their day on a positive note. Such as: "I choose peace", "I will succeed today", "My potential to succeed is limitless", "I am enough".

  6. They read the news: to stay up to date to the important news to them.

  7. They hydrate: drinking enough water helps you to overcome headaches and dizziness.

  8. They take their time: instead of harrying up take the enough time to get ready in the morning without rushing.

  9. They do something that brings them joy: reading a good book or listening to good music to start your day ahead.

7 tips to overcome overthinking:

  1. Pause and know when do you start overthinking/anxiety/doubting, then notice how do you respond.

  2. Do something different and distract yourself.

  3. Challenge your fear of failing and do it to learn from it.

  4. Think about what can go right.

  5. Put things in the right perspective. Will it matter in a year? 5 years? 10 years?

  6. Be grateful to change your mind to think positive.

How to live a stress-free life from 9-5:

  1. Get a nice planner to map your daily tasks.

  2. Learn to say "no" and invest your time in whatever brings joy to your heart.

  3. Set your priorities and don't compromise. Beside work you should have good sleep, family time, and friends time to keep your energy flowing.

  4. Set your action plan ahead of time and reserve time aside for certain tasks.

How to take a break before the breakdown:

  1. Take your time to recover. This can be walking out of the office for 30 minutes and then come back to finish your work.

  2. Start taking your own advice. Everything you advising others with is just a reflection of what you need to hear, so take it seriously.

  3. Give yourself permission to not be okay. It is always okay to not be ok, always bear in mind your feelings.

Make your weekends count - Creating a mental boost:

  1. Promise yourself that you will do "no work" on weekends, and keep the promise.

  2. Turn off your social media notifications on your phone. So, you are free to check all the applications in your free time instead of the urge to reply with every notification.

  3. Mix your food consciously between healthy choices and not-so-healthy choices.

  4. Get enough sleep without over sleeping.

  5. Hangout with people you can be your "true" self around.

  6. Write your thoughts down to clear your mind.

  7. Prepare your to-do list for the next week.



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