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She Can!

On 8th of March, people all over the world celebrates the International Women Day. So, this year I have decided to celebrate this day in a motivational and inspirational way. I have attended "She Can" 9th event by Entreprenelle Middle East. With a bunch of good speakers sharing stories that are full of inspiration and motivation to succeed in any field that you chose to be part of. Accompanied with a host and hostess that rocked the stage.

On this event you are allowed to register for one workshop and activity, in addition to touring the exhibitors area and the startups ares, and the talks/panels are in parallel on the main stage all day long. In this space, I will speak about my experience on "She Can" 2019 event.

Ismail Kassem (our host); he is an entrepreneur, author, and coach. CEOof Amaze Projects and Adam's Grill. 

Yasmine Ghaith (our hostess); she is a breast cancer survivor, motivational speaker, and actress.

"Rock the Room" workshop; which aims to rock the room through your presentation, presentational and communication skills. Working on knowing yourself, knowing your audience, and knowing your content. During the workshop, Tarek Wael presented various strategies to rock the presentation, such as:

1. The 3 Ps: Plan, Prepare, Perform.

2. Chef Sherbini: Prepare, Prepare, Prepare.

3. George Cloney: Genuine Smile.

4. Kenedy: Body Language. 

"Ola Roushdy" Talk; discussing how she got her first small role and then started the journey full of ups and downs along with having her own family with two kids. And how she has decided to shift to digital through her new project revolving around motherhood.

"Hadia Ghaleb" Talk; a fashion icon that has turned to a business lady. Hadia has started with fashion passion in 2012. In 2013, her unique style promoted her to work in fashion magazines and create content for different platforms. In the same year, she has started her Instagram account posting her daily looks. In 2014, she has started her business in Cairo and Dubai as GPH. Now, Hadia is an outstanding fashion influencer and CEO of the production house.

Hadia is not believing in "failures" instead she believes in "obstacles", the obstacles that she should pass over instead of turning back. Her obstacles were:

1. Skepticism; overcame it through having a strong faith in her own vision.

2. Hostile Environment; overcame it through hard work and the fighting spirit.

3. Unfavorable Market Conditions; solved it through adapting to change.

4. Internal Unfulfillment; solved it through balancing and prioritizing among the four main life pillars, which are: physical and mental health, soul relation with God, personal relationship, and career.

"Amr Elselouky" Talk; his talk was around mixing education and entrepreneurship through backing-up the academic courses with online sessions that facilitates the meetings of both the teachers and the students in a an interactive and gamification atmosphere.

"Nesma ElShazly and Fayrouz Eid" Talk; their speech around partnership value in publications. Discussing their initiative of "She is the Tribe". Fayrouz Eid from The Daily Crisp and Nesma ElShazly from Star Dust for Public Relations. Star Dust is presenting various personas through the PR efforts. The Daily Crisp which is a nice blog for career and lifestyle. Together the have collaborated together with #SheIsMyTribe. The initiative showcased what people tell to women and how to fight back for your success. The Daily Crisp even went the extra mile through launching the "career" section on their website giving a helping hand customized for each career: actress, architect, artist, CEO, chef, coach, designer, entrepreneur, fashion designer, fashion stylist, makeup artist, multimedia artist, photographer, PR consultant, producer, psychologist, singer, therapist, TV presenter, visual artist, and writer.

"Doaa Gawish, Zeinab Al Ashry, Nada Al Ashmouny, and Nadia Gamal Eldin" Talk; this panel was all around how to monetize the Facebook groups. This panel combined the founders of Miss Basket, Confessions of a Married Woman, The Hair Addict, and Rahet Baly. Monetizing those groups is a full-time job, where you are working for partnerships and collaborations with corporates or local businesses.

1. Miss Basket by Nada Al Ashmouny: a support group for ladies discussing everything related to girls and women. Anything related to weight loss, fashion, motherhood, beauty, and many more topics. Monetized their group through supporting local brands and organizing a bazar.

2. Confessions of a Married Woman by Zeinab Al Ashry: a platform where women can speak up despite their relationship status and support each other. With a bunch of experts to offer professional support. Aiming to educate and empower women by enriching them with necessary information through educational videos, live interviews, articles, and a directory of experts. Monetized their group through collaboration with professionals.

3. The Hair Addict by Doaa Gawish: a support group for females to use natural products to get a healthy hair, preventing hair loss and promoting health growing. The main initiative is to go with the heat-free challenge. Monetized her group through creating her own brand that supports her aim and selling it to her targeted group.

4. Rahet Baly by Nadia Gamal Eldin: a support group for new mothers to understand their new life. Monetized her group through partnerships with different brands related to mothers and children.

"Farida Salem" Talk; her talk was around girls playing and coaching other girls to play football despite the gender discrimination taking place. She has founded "Empower football academy" the first women football academy to start learning football at any age.

"Noha Eltaher and Ibrahim Shams" Talk; around becoming 24/7 partners. A husband and wife who decided to become partners in designing and selling Kiliim that is locally hand-made produced for a modern living.

"Glow" juices; founded by Amina Rashad a 46 years old woman who started to learn nutrition to create healthy juices as her new business 4 years ago. The juices are from fresh fruits and dairy free products. I have tried the "Pink Lemonade" as my first trial which turned to be a favorite that I will try again. My list of drinks to try beside the Pink Lemonade:

1. Berrified: mixed berries, banana, avocado, chia seeds, flax seeds, almond milk, and raw honey.

2. Just Beet It: beets, lemon, carrot, and apple.

3. Gargeer Kteer: arugula, almond milk, and raw honey.

4. Green Dream: green tea, cilantro, kale, spinach, pineapple, cucumber, avocado, lemon, lime, and ginger.

"Art Euphoria" authentic crafts; selling authentic Siwa products and Siwa salt lamps which elevates positive energy and healing purposes. Selling a range of lamps or candle holders to heat the salt and maximize the benefit. And different essential oils on the salt, such as: lemon, mint, lavender, flowers, and more.

I highly encourage you to celebrate the upcoming international women day by attending the upcoming She Can event.



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