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RYLA during the Pandemic

Yesterday was the second day for our online RYLA organized by Rotary Club of Alexandria Agora "a leader is not a boss". The day was divided into 3 topics as follows:

  1. Keys to a successful leader & team by Dina Kotb

  2. Situational leadership by Hossam Saleh

  3. Master of none by Yehia Magdy

The first session by Dina Kotb around the keys to a successful leader. Dina has started the presentation by explaining that you always have the key to achieve your goals even if the box is not yours yet. Success is acquired and starts from within, even if success is for few people only. Then Dina started to discuss the keys of success:

  1. Commitment

  2. Double the failure rate

  3. Use your will

  4. Determination

  5. Excellence

  6. Achievement

  7. Vision

  8. Do & dare

  9. Leading your team through:

  10. Establishing a leadership team

  11. Education & training

  12. Motivation

  13. Engagement

  14. Recognition

Followed by the keys of success, Dina entered the discussion of how to run our meetings in an efficient way through preparing the admin work such as tailoring your messaging to your audience or checking what will you wear to the meeting. Creating an engaging experience through asking questions to the audience or asking them to share their ideas. Expressing your ideas out loud and allowing other people to respond to your ideas. During the manager's visit, make sure to understand that this is a checkpoint or an opportunity to become a better version of yourself.

As well Dina tackled an important topic for any leader which is crafting your strategy. And to have a strategy you need to set your standards, abide by the bylaws, work with the available online media tools, take care of your financial management, abide by the business acumen, and work with a vision in front of you. After having a strategy to abide by; you need to strengthen your team capabilities through forming your team, assessing the calibers, focus on the diversity, attracting the innovators, engage everyone in the team, and use previous successful experiences.

Dina concluded her presentation that the general perspective of a leader is achieving goals through a growth forward mindset through being optimistic and striving success in life.

The second session was held by Hossam Saleh around the different types of leaders or how leaders lead either by position or being charismatic or by example or by power or the ability to accomplish things. Leadership is a global issue that crosses all the boundaries and all the different cultures. As well Hossam discussed some qualities that builds a successful leader.

  1. Character: crisis reveals the character

  2. Charisma: make people feel good about themselves & yourself as well by being passionate

  3. Commitment: it always precedes achievement as people wont follow uncommitted leaders

  4. Communication: share knowledge & ideas by transmitting the urgency & enthusiasm

  5. Courage: deal with principles not perception

  6. Focus: don’t major into minors, work on yourself, your priorities, your strength, and your companions

  7. Generosity: giving is the highest level of living. A leader is not the number of people serves him but the number of people he serves

  8. Initiative: initiate connection with followers, be proactive & take risks

  9. Listening: connect with people & learn from them so always use active listening

  10. Passion: ordinary people can achieve extra ordinary things

  11. Positive attitude: believe that you can for others to believe in you

  12. Problem solving: time, exposure, assistance, creativity, hit it to solve any problem

  13. Responsibility: put it ahead of your agenda

  14. Security: help others to feel secured

  15. Self discipline: it is a lifestyle to lead yourself

And our last session for the day by Yehia Magdy concluded everything smoothly. In a football game the leader is the coach even if he is not available in the field himself. The vice president is the team captain who is the best executer in the field. Same as in football teams the players can change teams, in Rotary or any other organization don't lose a guest ever however find the appropriate gap to let the guest fill the gap. As a leader success is by achieving the goal without distracting yourself.


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