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Recipes for Young Professionals

Today I have decided to save this space for recipes or tips for all of the young professionals out there. Young professionals for me ranges from fresh graduates to up to 10 years of experience. This definition varies from one person to the other, so this doesn't matter. The most important thing is to share this article with young professionals wherever they are.

Being a young professional myself, this article is written out of both experience and hopes. So, scroll down to know more.

Find a role-model:

A role-model is not a God, however he is a person having the job of your dreams or the life of your dreams. S/he may be more than one person, the most important thing is to look up to them. Even if your role-model is a celebrity in the field, just drop her/him an email to know their recipe and hacks. This will help you a lot to pursue the career of your dreams.

Find a mentor:

Ideally this mentor would be one of your managers in a matrix company or your manager in a simple hierarchal company. Or your mentor can be anyone more experienced than you in the field of your dreams, so you can drop all of your questions to him to find the sufficient answers.

Develop your skills:

Find a niche that you want to reach, then start developing the skills needed one skill at a time. In every field or career there is competition, you need to be strong enough to win this competition. And you will never win with the basic skills, try to differentiate yourself with the proper needed skills.

Align your expectations with your efforts:

Start listing your expectations and understand what it needs to reach there. You need to align your expectations with your day-to-day life.

Surround yourself with positive people:

Positive people will help you feel your success and raise the bar for more accomplishments. However, negative people will always underestimate everything you do or everything you reach. So, choose wisely who to surround yourself with.

Take care of your looks:

Usually, the first thing people see and judge is your look. So, you have to keep an elegant and professional look all of the time. Always remember that first impression lasts forever, and it is taken in the first few minutes only.

Keep Confident:

Don't be arrogant, however you have to show people that you deserve the position you are in. So, don't hesitate to speak your thoughts out loud.

Create a life-work balance:

Keep your personal life away from your work life as much as you can, and don't mix them up. If you concentrate during the working hours, most of the time you won't need working late or at home.

Challenge yourself:

To keep your learning curve up, you have to keep challenging yourself with new projects or finding different path for routine tasks. Challenges helps you grow.

Get a walk:

In the middle of the working day, you may experience a block. Try to get a quick walk in the fresh air and sunlight, to refresh your mind.


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