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Personal Branding - What you need to know?

Personal Branding helps in building your career. Branding is a unique promise of value to be yourself. Branding is all about people and what we know them for? Oprah Winfrey - humanitarian, Bill Gates - IT technology, Ibrahim Eissa - shocking reality. And your role is to control this brand.

Personal Branding is a tool to communicate with other people about your difference, your strength, your skills, your values, and your passion. Your personal brand is your unique value to differentiate yourself than others, a promise for yourself to exist!

Personal branding is your reputation. And it is needed to compete, to succeed, and fo be fulfilled. There are a set of steps to help you find your personal brand:

  1. Extract: is the step where you do search for your brand and unearth your strengths, weaknesses, and skills.

  2. Express: is where you get it all out, for people to see it.

  3. Exude: is where you let everything around you express your brand.

There are a set of benefits after finding your personal brand, below you will find a list of those benefits:

  1. Understanding yourself

  2. To be present in the moment

  3. To be authentic

  4. To control your future

  5. To gain real wealth

  6. To continue leaving your footprint

  7. To keep your achievements list going

  8. To feel fulfilled

And to extract your brand, you can take this quiz and answer few questions to find your call! This test measures the four below pillars and gives you your percentages in order to understand yourself better.

  1. D is Dominance: being strong-minded, aggressive, strong-willed, direct, driver, decisive, challenges, taking actions with immediate results. Just doing it your way! Describing the way you deal with problems, asserting yourself, and controlling the situations.

  2. I is Influence: being social, optimistic, outgoing, participating in teams, sharing ideas, entertaining, energizing others. Describing the way you deal with people, the way you communicate and relate to others.

  3. S is Steadiness: being stable, sympathetic, cooperative, team player, good listener. Loves to stay behind the scene! Describing your temperament, patience, persistence, and thoughtfulness.

  4. C is Conscientious: being concerned, cautious, correct, planning ahead using systematic approaches. Describing how you do approach and organize your activity, procedures, and responsibility.

One more thing, this test results changes over time. So, you can re-do it every once in a while to see how you have changed over your lifetime and experiences.

In 2013 my results were "I'm a (D 43%), (I 43%), (S 10%), (C 5%)" !! 
In 2018 my results are "I'm a ( D 33%), (I 36%), (S 22%), (C 9%)" !!

Take the test & share with me your results in the comments below.

-Brand Yourself Conference 2013


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