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MBTI Personalities

Today I want to speak about the different MBTI personalities, but first you can take this free quiz to know your personality & resonate with the below article. This quiz will take around 12 minutes, you need to answer honestly even if you don't like the answer (it is only between you & yourself), and try not to leave any answer as "neutral". You can do it several times, as your personality changes over time. So, this test measures 5 aspects of your personality: mind, energy, nature, tactics, and identity.

What inspired me to write this today is attending Rotanet online camp which was a two-day camp that aims to connect people, practice the modern digital market, and spreading positivity in the middle of crisis. And the Rotanet online camp included various categories such as: lifestyle, business development, personal development, inspiration, and entertainment. This session was held by Tarek Michael.

So, below are the 16 different personality types in a nutshell:

  1. ISTJ: life natural organizers

  2. ISFJ: committed to get the job done

  3. INTJ: life's independent thinkers

  4. INFJ: an inspiring leader & follower

  5. ISTP: just do it

  6. ISFP: actions speak louder than words

  7. INTP: life's problem solvers

  8. INFP: making life kinder & gentler

  9. ESTP: making the most out of the moment

  10. ESFP: let's make work fun

  11. ENTP: progress is the product

  12. ENFP: people are the product

  13. ESTJ: life natural admins

  14. ESFJ: everyone's trusted friend

  15. ENTJ: life's natural leaders

  16. ENFJ: smooth talking persuaders

So, I advice all of you to take the test & let us know in the comments your personality. Personally, I am a commander - ENTJ-A whom are "life's natural leaders".


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