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Lock Down 101

For the first time ever, we are locked down for couple of weeks in our houses for the fear of COVID-19 or the Coronavirus spread. Even during the 25th of January protests in Egypt we weren't in such lock down, we were going out in nearby places & coming back home before the curfew. However, the case now is different we are locked down in our homes 24/7 for the fear of the unseen virus. As well, this lockdown is uniting the whole world together. As if mother Earth needs to pause. Actually, needs us to pause & reflect.

So, let us take this time to reflect more on our lives, our goals; let us see what have happened so far in our lives. What do you want to remove from your life? What do you want to add to your life?

Let's start reading more. Books are the best friend where you can live multiple lives that differs from your own life. Books will help you learn more lessons & live more lives. Books will help you explore.

Let's walk everyday in open areas. It is a mission to stay active & motivate your blood to circulate properly. When the sun is bearable, go out & walk for 30-60 minutes. While walking you can listen to your favorite songs or podcasts. Otherwise, you can just dive into your own thoughts.

Let's focus on our health & eating habits. The lockdown never meant for binge eating, so stay healthy. Eat more veggies & cut on complex carbs or sugar. Set a goal during this lockdown to either lose weight (be reasonable in setting your expectations) or keep the same weight.

Let's bound more as a family, without physical touch (handshakes, hugs, or kisses). Just bound together as humans through talking & sharing. Maybe a movie night in or a nice dinner together.

Bottom line, use the lockdown to you benefit first of all.

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