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Kissing 2019 Good Bye

It is this time of the year again, we are kissing 2019 good bye & preparing ourselves to a brand new 365 chapter of our lives. We are welcoming 2020 to our lives. 2019 was really close to my heart, I have learnt some good lessons & I have reached my 25 milestone. Moreover, I believe 2019 is ending on a positive note. Yes, this last couple of months are the best of the whole 12 months. Getting introduced to new feelings & facing some fears to heal deep inside.

We are not only speaking about a new year, however we are speaking about a new decade. We are starting a new decade by 2020! It is full of even numbers, hopefully being good. In 2019, my word was "Believe" to believe in myself & believe in others as well. This year my word is "I'm enough" just empowering myself to believe more in my powers & how everything passes at one point. The whole life is rotational.

2019 Grateful List (in no particular order):

  1. My Polaroid camera; it is Instax Mini 9. A dream that I had for many years now & I did it during 2019. For the love of capturing the happy moments & happy people in my life in a printed frame.

  2. My family & friends (my support system), I have learned a lot from people around me this year. Thanks for always being there whenever I needed you, or for being a lesson to carry with me forever.

  3. Rotary; was the main reason of many lessons learned this year. Meeting lots of people, some are good & some are lessons. Having a whole set of skills learned this year from working on many projects & events throughout the year for many different causes.

  4. Dubai; traveling is not a main goal for me. However, going to new places is always a good option. Going back to Dubai for a week of entertainment, staying up late & going to new places. Playing new games, trying new restaurants, and making new memories. Grateful for this trip, where I stepped out of my comfort zone.

  5. IBM; it is my 9-5 for 5 days a week. Some days where better than other ones, however the keyword here is "learning". Every tough situation is a lesson & every easy situation is a blessing.

  6. My Tea Party; this year wasn't a flourishing year for the blog or for writing in general. It was a busy year. However, next year will be better planned. I have written 14 posts only (this is the 15th for the year).

  7. My 2019 resolutions; not all 19 goals were done. However, I will make sure my below 2020 resolutions to be done throughout the year. I will keep a journal specifically for tracking these goals to be met by the end of the year. I'd say I have accomplished 58% of my goals for 2019.

2020 Resolution List (in no particular order):

  1. Loose 25 KG; through developing healthier habits & being more fit. I will write more on this point in another post. I kept gaining weight in the past 6 years with yoyo dieting, this year will be the changing point.

  2. Read 12 books this year; will prepare the list in another post. I used to read much more books in previous years (in the last 5 years I lost interest) however this year I will come back.

  3. Save more; I will plan ahead my savings as this year was the first year I am on debt. Frankly speaking Credit Cards is the worst invention ever. I kept spending money on low priority stuff instead of saving. So, I need to be more mindful here.

  4. Connect more; in 2019 I stayed online for most of the time & recorded all of my highlights through pictures or videos. This year, I will remain connected online yet I will be more connected offline as well. My phone will go into my pursue if I am hanging out with family of friends. We are humans not machines after all.

  5. Travel somewhere new; whether a national travel or an international travel. I need to go to somewhere new. My planned trips so far are national to Hurghada & Sahl Hasheesh. And I wish to go to more places this year.

  6. Learn how to drive; so far I didn't have the passion nor the time to learn the driving skill. However, for emergencies I need to learn this. So, this year I will make sure to save some time to learn how to drive & get my license.

  7. Conquer my fear of dogs; I have a phobia from dogs since a young age. This year I will conquer this fear & start befriend all kinds of dogs. If you have some tips to help me, please share it.

  8. Get organized; this year I will keep my closet, desk, and all spaces as organized as possible to be more efficient.

  9. Reduce my plastic waste; I will do my best to stop using single-used plastics. I will be mindful of using plastic cups, water bottles, packaged stuff, straws, tooth brushes, hair combs, and everything.

  10. Step out of my comfort zone, I won't keep my fear hinder my enjoyment. I will fall in love, despite my fear of connecting with someone that I don't know previously. I will try new adventures like zip-lining, parasailing, diving, and much more activities.

  11. Keep a journal; this year I will keep a journal to keep track of my progress throughout the year. Anything I want to do this year will be here in this journal.

  12. Write a book; I will start drafting my first novel in Arabic. I have a lot of ideas in my mind, yet I will make sure to organize everything on paper & write one novel that you might enjoy.

  13. Blog more in Arabic & English; in the last couple of years I have wrote less than my expectations. This year, I will come back here on this website & through my Instagram account (follow me to know more).

  14. Do more good to the world; I will make sure to offer more services than money.

  15. Extend my network of friends; I will keep my old friends & create new ones. I will stay connected with my friends.

  16. Start practicing Yoga & Mediation regularly; I need more spiritual connection. Whenever I try Yoga or Mediation I feel calmer & this is my end result.

  17. Connecting more with Allah; this year I need to connect more with Allah through understanding Quran, praying regularly, fasting correctly, and much more.

  18. Use my Polaroid more; capture my important memories in a printed format.

  19. Learn how & when to say "No"; in other words I need to choose my battles as I can never do everything all the time.

  20. Keep remembering that "I'm Enough".


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Fouad Megahed
Fouad Megahed
20 mar 2020

لست متفائلا بهذا العقد الجديد بداية من ٢٠٢٠... البداية غير سعيدة

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