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Killing the frog

Do you know how a frog dies in comfort? Frogs easily adapt to any of the hard circumstances. So when the frog gets used to the water temperature for example, the killer rises the temperature slowly till the frog gets used to it again. When the water reaches its boiling degree, the frog dies in peace. So, the frog is killed when it reaches its comfort zone. You also may be killed slowly in your comfort zone, so take good care! Your comfort zone is the place where your dreams die. The place where you only begins to live without being attached to your soul. So whenever you feel that you are in the middle of your comfort zone, do your best to run away to the edge.

I want to share with you all a saying that is well shared around the world, however I think we never give it a deeper thought. “Your life begins at the edge of your comfort zone”! Imagine bungee jumping, sky diving, zip lining, diving with sharks, mountain climbing, career shifts, or any other adventure you can think of. You think of trying any of those to feel the high adrenaline, during the few seconds before doing it the only thought you have is to quit. However, you will find someone who will tell you this is a thing that you will experience once in your life and that you will love it. Even if this sounds comes from your inner soul, pushing you to try.

Before starting my Management studies I felt discomfort and it turned to be a very good choice. Before starting my Marketing concentration I felt discomfort and it turned to be a choice that I am proud of. Before starting my marketing career I felt discomfort and it turned to be my flourishing choice. Before starting my blog or turning it to a website with my domain I felt discomfort and then it turned to be a moment of pride. At every moment you feel discomfort, believe that you are on the correct path.

In Dubai's Atlantis Aqua-venture, I have decided to try the “leap of faith” which is an almost vertical water slide. Before going into the slide, I felt discomfort till I heard this advice “Don’t close your eyes while going down, it is your life-time experience that you will never regret” I do even remember his Indian accent. Before jumping into the 3 meter depth pool, I felt discomfort till I managed to come out. Before running my first 5K marathon I felt discomfort, till I reached the finish line.

I'm continually trying to make choices that put me against my own comfort zone. As long as you're uncomfortable, it means you're growing. - Ashton Kutcher

You don’t like to go to the edge of your comfort zone for the fear of rejection, the fear of failure, the fear of losing, and many other fears that just controls your life and prevents you from trying new things and starting a new chapter of your life. Accept all of those fears and insecurities then understand them then jump out of your comfort zone. This will help you see a whole new spectrum of possibilities. To sum this up, the first step is to know your fears, accept it, and fight your comfort zone.

There is a theory presented by Bill Eckstorm, states that discomfort is your only motive to learn and grow. There is a “growth rings” where every ring represents a different stage. You have to jump from "order" to "complexity" more often. However, bear in mind that "stagnation" and "chaos" are the unrealistic extremes.

  1. The first stage is “stagnation”or following a lot of rules that kills all your passions.

  2. The second stage is “order”where you have knowledge of the inputs and you can predict the outputs, here comes your comfort zone.

  3. The third stage is “complexity”which includes changing the order with unpredictable outputs or results. And this is the edge of your comfort zone or the start of your discomfort.

  4. The fourth stage is “chaos”with no control on the inputs or the outputs.

To sum up, I am not asking you to leave your 9-5 job as everyone is different, not all of us are meant to become entrepreneurs. NO! Keep your 9-5 job if it is helping you to grow and flourish. But, demand your right in learning new skills and feeling discomfort on your desk because you are always challenged to bring your best. We are not all born to live the same journey path, however we are all born to experiment such as a new born is experimenting all the way. This is our nature to experiment and explore things on the edge of our comfort zone!



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