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It is OK to not feel accomplished

A quote from the CEO of Slack "Stewart Butterfield" to Forbes, 

I feel like people in their early to mid 20s are very earnest. They're very serious, and they want to feel like they've accomplished a lot at a very young age rather than just trying to figure stuff out. So I try to push them toward a more experimental attitude. I certainly didn't have anything figured out by the time I was 25.

This quote says it all, in the mid of our twenties we are eager to accomplish a lot of things. We have the energy and the time to experiment and dream. Dreaming about finding your dream job in a multinational company and to be competitive to be promoted in a young age. Dreaming about starting your own business and solving a problem in your unique way. Dreaming of having a legacy, have a life that is worth spreading.

But you know what?! It is perfectly ok to live in the present and learn. It is perfectly ok to pause and take a break reflecting on your life so far. It is perfectly ok to take your time till you reach your destination, and to enjoy the journey till you reach there. Don't compare yourself with your parents, relatives, friends, colleagues, or role models; as you are unique and your story is unique such as your fingerprint.

It is ok to have more than one life. It is ok to devote 8 hours per day for work. It is ok to devote 4 hours per day for commute. It is ok to devote 7 hours per day for sleeping. After all this, you still  have 5 hours per day to have another life. You can network, go out, learn a new skill, or do whatever makes you content!

It took me almost one year to realize that, I am still young. I am still young and 23 years old. I am still young and a fresh graduate with a fresh eye. I am still young and learning from everybody passing by me. I am still young and paving my road to reach my destination. I am still young and it is ok to have a dizzy image of my future.


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