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From Nine to Five #3

Lately, I have attended an outstanding event organized by the Rotary District 2451 new generations committee. Held at American International School West campus, around your life from 9 to 5. In a series of 3 articles (check the first one here, and the second one here), I will discuss my takeouts. We will be waiting for your next meet-up. This event was a nice mix among the generations: Interactors with Rotaractor with Rotarians.

In one of the panels there was a nice talk about "Urban Greens" or the floating plants. Planting the plants on water instead of soils. As we are in the middle of the Urbanization era, more than 50% of the population are living in cities and most of them lives in Africa or Asia. This Urbanization era we are living in caused:

  1. High employment

  2. High air pollution

  3. High water pollution

  4. Distraction of natural habitats

  5. Anxiety

  6. Depression

  7. Stress

Building on agricultural lands leads to a crisis and the solution is building on buildings' roofs. As roofs are considered as neglected areas. The change is in using "hydroponics" to create green roofs. The plants on the roof are:

  1. Water based

  2. High yielding

  3. Light weight

  4. Roof adaptability

  5. Flexible

In Urban areas roofs are under utilized area consisting of 15% to 30% of the total landscape as per the researches. This project tries to change the current roofs to green planted roofs. Green roofs will lead to:

  1. Aesthetic value

  2. Food production

  3. Energy reduction

  4. Noise absorption

  5. Rood insulation

  6. Natural biodiversity

  7. Water management

  8. Urban heat island effect

Urban agriculture leads to growing edible plants and raising animals. Urban agriculture or planting on the roofs leads to:

  1. Providing clean food

  2. Enhancing the local economy

  3. Creating a new job market

  4. Decreasing the miles food take

  5. Creating green cities

Now, it is time to search around and try to implement the idea of planting the roofs. It will give a beautiful look and help us plant organic corps.


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