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Do it now!

"One day you will wake up and there won't be anymore time to do the things you've always wanted. Do it now!"-Paulo Coelheo

Do it now because you will never see any result while sitting on the sidelines while everything else is running and progressing. That's why you have to start doing everything you aspire to do today, putting your needs and wants in mind. And never compare yours to others, as this will never help you feel content with any of your small or big achievements. Your life is all about how you see yourself, not about how others sees you or judges you. So, live your own journey.

You have to be ambitious regarding your career, your relationships, and your hobbies. Keep dreaming, keep creating SMART goals, keep achieving results. This is the only way to feel full and content. To start "doing" right now you have to understand that happiness is in the right journey, neither the perfect journey nor the destination. I do believe in the law of attraction! So, when you start with the results in front of you, you will reach your goal for sure.

Succeeding in reaching your goal may mean financial gains or winning trophies or wellness or being famous or being promoted or working in a big corporate or starting your own business. Whatever your success is, always develop good habits that are owned by successful people despite their field.

  1. Set your end goals and set mini goals/ways to reach your end goal.

  2. Understand your "why" or purpose.

  3. Take responsibility for your life, successes and failures.

  4. Have self discipline and self control.

  5. Focus on your self development and keep learning.

  6. Learn good time management, and prioritize.

  7. Plan in advance with your goals in mind.

  8. Take educated risks.

  9. Find a way to win through "whatever it takes" mentality.

  10. Do what you love and give it your all. Be driven by your passion.

  11. Create a problem solver mindset.

  12. Don't create excuses.

  13. Have a mentor to give you advices when needed.

  14. Be organized, have a planner to remember every action item and task you have.

  15. Changing routes or shifting careers is not failure.

  16. Learn to say YES and learn to say NO consciously.

  17. Create your morning and night routine.

  18. Meditate daily.

  19. Eat healthy and exercise to get rid of negativity.

  20. Be consistent.

  21. Take your promises seriously.

  22. Practice daily and make small improvements.

  23. Be self aware, knowing your strenghts and weaknesses.

  24. Practice gratitude.

  25. Surrond yourself with people that can help you.

  26. Be proactive and take initiatives.

  27. Manage your emotions.

  28. Communicate clearly and connect deeply.

  29. Value your "alone" time.

  30. Limit your phone usage.

  31. Watch to TED/TEDx inspirational videos.

  32. Think positive.

  33. Go to bed early and wake up early.

  34. Fight procrastination.

  35. Create balance between work and life.

We do work for more than 40 hours a week, we should work those hours for what you love. Invest this time in tasks that will lead you to your end goal. Spend extra time in learning more skills that will help you in reaching your goal. It is no shame to have a 9-5 job that serves a certain goal, and another hobbies that you excel in that serves other goals. Always keep in mind that successful people do it now!


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