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Conference Planning 101

What inspired me to write this today is attending Rotanet online camp which was a two-day camp that aims to connect people, practice the modern digital market, and spreading positivity in the middle of crisis. And the Rotanet online camp included various categories such as: lifestyle, business development, personal development, inspiration, and entertainment. This session was held by Mariam Ouslak.

To plan any conference you will need to have a task list. And if you have 10 tasks to plan the upcoming conference, you will need either to work simultaneously in parallel or to work in blocks while prioritizing. The task force should be organized through a timeline to stay focused. So as the project manager, you need to form a team & decide how to split the work among the members. Don't ever mix your personal relations with the professional work.

Your role as the leader revolves around motivating or demotivating working on your tasks. You need to focus on team building activities. Conflict always happens & you need to be a leader. Your role also includes planning & brainstorming while involving the team members. Show to the team members that you are organized & prepared. As a leader you also need to focus on budgeting & sponsorship which needs persuasion skills.

Never forget to be prepared by contagious planning, having several scenarios to follow in case scenario A didn't go smooth. And don't forget to manage the logistics or transportation or travel or accommodation if needed or any other thing.


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