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Catalyst for change .. TEDx AUC

One of the very first TEDx conferences I have ever attended. It was held in the AUC New Cairo campus. And I have learned a lot from this one-day conference. Below are my best 8 lessons learned, beside not missing any TEDx event nearby.

  1. To change our community we have to have an idea and willingness too.

  2. We have to celebrate failure as we celebrate success, so we can feel success when it comes.

  3. Change is the target of humanity from the day we born to the day we go back .. Change is in revolutions, start ups, and entrepreneurs. 

  4. You have to believe in your dream, so you can sacrifice happily.

  5. Like an iceberg .. Skills are 10% appearing on the top .. Personality and beliefs count for 90%.

  6. Ghandi once said: Be the change you want to see.

  7. We have to consume less on Earth, we have to become lighter.

  8. We all have problems to live by, but the problem of people who use wheelchairs is an obvious one.



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