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Bye bye 2018

While we are shouting a good bye to 2018 and welcoming 2019 with all of the ups and downs, it is this time of the year again when we start planning. We do start to dig deeper in ourselves to know who we are and what are the things that we do want to achieve. I will take my "writing" time today to list down that things that I am currently working on to welcome the new year to my life.

Create a "start/continue/stop" list:

Grab a pen and paper to start listing the habits and things that you want to start doing during 2019 or that you want to continue from 2018 to 2019 or you want to stop during 2019.

Organize the space to help in doing more:

Start with having an organized cubicle to work in, then a relaxing bed room to sleep in. Work hard to place your books in an easy to reach area to read more. Organize your closet to easily get ready before your work or your outing.

Limit your social media scrolling time:

Limit your time on social media, to start using your time more efficiently. You can use this time in reading a book or writing on your blog or learning a new hobby or working out and staying healthy. It is your choice!

Live by the book:

Create a list of the books that you need to read during the year, depending on your reading pace you can start with 12 books (one book per month) or 52 books (one book per week). It is your call, the most important thing is to read more often.

Be minimalistic:

Live by the thumb rule of "one in one out"; to buy a new item you need to donate another thing for charity to keep your possessions to the minimum and stop being materialistic.

Learn to say NO:

Don't keep saying yes to everything proposed to you. Start saying no to anything not obligatory.

"No spend" month:

Choose one month this year to stop spending except on essentials. Prepare the essential list before hand and only spend on them for this month. This way you will put money in its right perspective.

Create a Vision Board:

Vision boards can help you focus on your life, through visualizing your goals for the year. If your goal is losing weight, then add a picture of a fit person who will motivate you to eat healthy and work out on daily basis. You need first to create a list of your goals or the things you want more of, then start searching for pictures to be used on your vision board. You can add mantras or affirmations as well to keep you motivated.

Create personal polices:

Put your boundaries on paper, for example don't work after hours or don't accept loud voice or



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