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Beautiful little accidents

While scrolling my Instagram feed, I have stumbled upon this sentence "Beautiful little accidents". A sentence that rang a bell for me, there are beautiful little accidents in life that helps you change and develop. Accidents that helps you in progressing your career or shifts your career or starting a new hobby or any other change that may take place because of a little accident.

I have started my blogging journey accidentally, during my university freshman year summer vacation I had plenty of free time. So, I have decided to test blogging as a new hobby as I always dreamt of writing well-written articles such as the ones I keep reading. So, I opened a new tab on my browser and typed blogger. And this is when I have started my blog which had different new looks since 2013 and till now.

I have started my Facebook page and Instagram account accidentally as well. While searching for my favorite bloggers, I find their professional social media presence besides their personal presence. They do treat their blog's identity so seriously. So, I have decided to do the same with my blog and create it's social media identity.

I have started this website accidentally as well, I had Chickenpox at the age of 24. Which forced me to have a sick leave for 3 working weeks, feeling tired, not working 8 hours a day and not spending 4 hours in commuting. So, I had plenty of time to take my blog to the next level and create this website.

I have started my Rotary journey accidentally. My first connection with Rotarians was 14 years ago (I was only 10) where I was interested in community service and helping the under-privilaged people. So, I have asked how can I join and to my surprise I was too young to join Rotary however I have other options such as Interact or Rotaract. However, I hoped to be one of the youngest Rotarians. And last year I was pinned as one of the youngest Rotarians (I was 23).

I even have started my marketing career at IBM accidentally. During my senior year in University I went to the Career fair. And I have met the IBM representative where I was introduced to the Graduates program. I have applied even after knowing that they only need engineering graduates. Then, I have got an interview and been accepted for a 6 month graduates program that landed me a full-time job in the marketing department.

So, our lives are full of beautiful little accidents that helps us walk our journeys and reach our destinations. Tell me in the comments, what were your beautiful little accidents?



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