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Are you ready to start your journey ahead? Are you ready to set your goals and accomplish them? All the thanks goes to Every Girl blog for the great read that led to this article.

Are your goals truly what you want?

  1. Are you using those goals to feel a false sense of accomplishment? When you create a to-do list keep it real and don't include watching Youtube videos in it. It is not about the checkmarks beside the list, it is about the outcome.

  2. Why you are not achieving your goals? Don't critique yourself for being lazy, however understand the reasons behind your lack of motivation and work in it.

  3. Have you really taken your time to know yourself? You can connect to your inner voice by writing the "morning pages". Everyday write a stream of consciousness about all the things in your mind.

  4. Are you always busy but not getting anywhere? Millennials do suffer from "I'm too busy" syndrome to avoid breaks and feel accomplished. To get over this, book a day on your calendar when you will do nothing.

  5. Is this goal being imposed upon you be someone else? People force you to a certain path where they think you are good at, however your heart is telling you something else. Please follow your heart!

  6. What do you enjoy doing for free? If you can make money from your hobbies, then go for it.

  7. Is your goal making you not feel good enough as you are now? Being unhappy with who you are now makes you negative, change every negative thought you have with a positive one. If you feel unaccomplished, list 5 things you have accomplished in the last years.

  8. Is this goal just giving you a sense of control in life? The things you are doing now should give you a real control over your life not an illusion because you are afraid of the future.

  9. How many excuses have you already came up with? Keep asking "why" till you reach enough reasons to do what you want from your life.

6 steps to accomplish your biggest goals:

  1. Decide what you want and write it down.

  2. Believe that you are worthy of everything you desire and more.

  3. Ignore the naysayers who tells you it is too big to accomplish.

  4. Find 3-5 people that are doing what you want to be doing as your evidence.

  5. Ask for help when needed.

  6. Stand in the light but don't get blinded.



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