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Avoid Distractions

As we are approaching the end of 2018 where we will start planning for 2019 goals, we are also trying to maintain the same momentum through the new year. We need to stay focused on achieve all of our goals under all of the categories.

First, take a moment to reflect! Before creating any new goals or dreams, stop to reflect on the past. Think deeply .. What needs improvements? What have worked well? What needs to stop? Create a table with 3 columns: "Start, Continue, Stop", this will help you stay focused on reflecting and learning.

Second, believe that everything happens at the right time for "you". So, don't distract yourself by how others are excelling in their lives or reaching places that you are still dreaming of. Everything happens at the right time!

Third, follow the "minimalism" approach. This will keep you focused and avoid in distractions. Minimalism is all about clearing out your mind and keeping all of your materialistic and non-materialistic to the minimum.

Fourth, start writing the list of goals for your 2019. The goals that you want to achieve personally and professionally. Goals based on your learnings from previous years based on your reflections.

Fifth, know what keeps you motivated. Write down a list of things that keeps you eager for more or motivated. You can create a "vision board" with all of your dreams, or hang "motivational quotes" on your walls.


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