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Appreciation Challenge #2

While scrolling down in Instagram, I have found a nice initiative by Pola Salem who is half Greek and half Egyptian who loves to travel & blog. He is a businessman, co-owning OPA Lounge in Alexandria. I have translated the post into the English language below to work well with the blog theme & to be easier for our international readers to follow.

What is even more important than loving yourself is knowing yourself. Can you love someone without knowing each-other? Then, to love yourself you need to know yourself better. Socrates' philosophy is to know yourself by yourself. One of the repetitive questions is: What do I want? Why I do feel disconnected? What are my hobbies? Then, how to know myself? I know from my hobby since a young age that I love arts, I love to draw and read. When I was enrolled in a university that is not related to arts, I kept taking a lot of workshops & exhibitions. When I knew that I do love photography, I have bought a camera & learned photography till it became my job for 10 years. Then, I loved blogging & wrote about everything. Then, I loved business & marketing till I became the co-owner for OPA. To know yourself, you need to try a lot of things. Somethings fail, others succeed. Everyone on Earth is born with a talent, some people know & leverage it, others know & ignore it, others search till they find it, other think that they have no talent. You may love cooking, so you become a food blogger or a chef or restaurant owner. The assignment today is to search for your talent & focus on it.

My story started since my school years, that time when I was searching for my talent. Always writing or blogging was a big thing for me, but never knew where to start. Till my freshman year in university when I have started my blog followed by this website. Later on, I have found an interest in marketing, so I chose it as my field of study & profession. I believe blogging & marketing are my primary talents. Then, my secondary talents includes coaching & teaching as well.

I am still trying and exploring more talents, like paper arts for example & I have no idea what will happen later in life. Talents are changing & evolving, one day you will get triggered to start doing things out of no way & develop new talents to your surprise. Maybe you love business or cooking or arts, try & figure out!


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