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Appreciation Challenge #1

While scrolling down in Instagram, I have found a nice post by Pola Salem who is half Greek and half Egyptian who loves to travel & blog. He is a businessman, co-owning OPA Lounge in Alexandria. I have translated the post into the English language below to work well with the blog theme & to be easier for our international readers to follow.

As personally I do not consider my followers as a count that I do try to connect with on weekly basis & play the "ask & answer" game in the Instagram stories. Thank God I do receive a lot of questions that I do my best to answer. Usually, people are asking for my advice around their problems or their upcoming projects. And many questions are related to depression or self-love issues. My first answer is to go see a Psychiatrist to examine her/him & see the appropriate medicine. However, here I will create a series of posts related to self-love issues or confidence issues or mood swings with no specific reason under this hashtag "#النهردةـقبلـبكرة" to start living today. Even if you do consider the below as basics, there are a lot of people who needs to know it. Anything written here I do try personally to do it myself & if I am already doing it I do consider this as a self reminder. Because I have found myself negatively affected by the questions I do receive, the first thing I will start by is "Appreciation". To focus on our small details before the big ones to appreciate them & thank God for them. For example: I do appreciate my family, my success, my appearance, my body, my health, the oxygen I inhale, and the love I see. I do even appreciate the bad things that have happened, that helped me understand the value of the good things. For example: friends not meeting the expectations, failure that helped in the other successes, Stavili failure that helped me succeed in OPA, writing this post to help others to love theirselves. To write about appreciation, I need a book. So today's challenge is to write 10 things that you do appreciate regardless of its size. If you found more than 10, write them as well.

So, today I have decided to list my 10 things that I highly appreciate in my life.

  1. My family's support to become the best version of me.

  2. The forms of arts that inspires me to be more mature.

  3. The ability to express myself in various ways.

  4. The ability to prove myself in both work & side-projects.

  5. The moments when I help someone in need.

  6. Having enough money to fulfill my needs & wants.

  7. Having high quality education.

  8. The fact of having dual personalities.

  9. Cheese, specially: Old Amsterdam, Emmental, Parmesan, Gouda, Orange Cheddar.

  10. Every challenge the led to a lesson & every failure that led to a success.



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