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Achiever .. Yes or No!

During this quarantine I have discovered that if I need to put my personality in one word, it would be "achiever" or "overachiever". Do you know this person that really needs to be successful to everything they do? Yes, this is who I am. However, it never started like that. I was an average student during my school years, maybe even less than average. Not successful in any of the sports I tried to play & not an A-student either. No hobbies & no best friends either. Then all of a sudden, during high-school I became an A* Student. Yes, I got 101% in my American Diploma. Won't discuss whether it is easy or difficult! However, this was the base for me to build a logic or a philosophy in life.

Then, came the university where I was scattered among different activities however I chose to become an A* student, a dedicated summer intern, a successful part-timer, a fast-learner blogger, and a nice community clubs member that helps in charity/development projects. Then, a graduate who has a graduates part-time job that turned to become my full-time job after few months to date & still counting. From a summer intern in the same multinational during my second university year to a campaign manager in the same multinational. I have seen many personal & professional transformations taking place before deciding that I am more of a perfectionist. Even if I know that nothing & nobody is perfect, we are full of imperfections.

During my university years I always kept a to-do list that keeps everything in perspective. When to attend my lectures & tutorials? when to study for my quizzes & exams? when to attend the community service meeting? when to finish my work for the part-time job? when to have family time? And literally everything should be written to be followed. Then, during my working years in a big multinational in the IT industry as a campaign manager for the digital marketing campaigns in MEA region, life is more of roller-coaster that goes up & down. I also keep my yearly agenda (a bit more organized/planned than a to-do list) that is full of stuff that goes under my work, blog, philanthropy projects, or personal/family. Addicted to organizing my stuff in lists of things to be done & keep checking them as I go through the list.

I feel super thrilled when I feel that I do have a control over my life & know when to accomplish what to finish a certain task & reach a certain goal. I feel thrilled when I cross things off my to-do list during the days & nights till I feel accomplished. During this quarantine I have started adding more to my basket & adding more habits to my day to stay sane. I have tried to focus on the half-full cup trying to invest in myself during this tough time to become a better version of myself. So, to add more habits to my life I needed to follow the same rule of "achievement" or "overachievement" or "perfectionism". I need to download the mobile application called "Habit" & list all of the new habits feeling accomplished every time I cross something off.

  1. Investing more time to get closer to Allah. Now more than ever, we have no excuse to pray to Allah & read his words while understanding them wisely. You can follow a lot of IG accounts or FB pages that can keep you inspired (Jew, Christian, or Muslim everything is available online beside the traditional sources).

  2. Do something good to help the unfortunate. Now more than ever we need each-other, so if you are still working & have your monthly salary in your bank account please be grateful & help others who are affected negatively by the pandemic. You can donate your money directly to them or through a NGO that you trust. You can donate some food to them directly or through a NGO that you trust given that Ramadan is coming & it is time to distribute Ramadan packages.

  3. Investing more time learning things related to self development & life coaching. Given that a lot of life-coaches & influencers in different aspects of life shares their knowledge freely through FB live or IG stories or IGTV or IG live. Grab the opportunity & learn.

  4. Investing more time learning things related to my job. Yes, for all of us the workload is a bit slower than usual even if we are working on more projects however everything has a slower pace. So, take the opportunity to learn new things that will help you in performing your job & build your edge in a tough time where you need to be different & needed.

  5. Read more books, if you were having the goal to read 12 books during 2020. This is a good time to finish as many books as possible. We have more time than ever. We are saving the commuting time. We are rarely feel sleepy given the minimum effort that we exert.

  6. Get more active. Even if you can't get out you can walk in home, today I have tried & walked for 4 KM in home. You can download several mobile applications or online subscriptions to do a High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) workout in the comfy of your home. If it is nearly impossible to tame your cravings, then try to burn more calories than sitting on the sofa binge watching on Netflix.

At the end be good to find the good in every situation. It is a good time for you to reflect & know your self better. As I have discovered that for me I need to create a list to welcome new habits into my life.


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