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25 life lessons learned in 25 years

Today I have decided to write about my top 25 life lessons, that I have learned during my almost 25 years on Earth.

1. Karma always wins, every time I feel that someone did something wrong to me I find Karma smiling & the same exact thing happens to the person again. From my experience it is not a one time accident, however it is an on going action that takes place.

2. Risk is not always a bad idea, every time I am in a situation to choose between two choices (one is safer that the other) and I do like the risker one more I do follow my heart. I am not a risk-taker in general, however sometimes risk is a good idea helping you to learn on the go.

3. Live in the moment, some days I wake up at 6 AM and finish work by 7 PM and have another event till 12AM. I choose to do it all and live in the "now". If I waited for the future, I will miss the small events that makes me happy.

4. People comes first, before any other commitment if a human-being needs me s/he will find me right beside them. Human-beings can be family, friends, colleagues, or people that I don't know. People comes before work or events or hobbies or any other thing.

5. Debt is not good, since a very young age I hated debt. Since school days, I never borrowed money. Till now, I just live on budget, keeping my credit card on 100% automatic payback. I only use my debit card to pay my small shopping items or my big bulks. Want it, then save for it.

6. Material things never lasts forever, every time I decide to declutter and organize my space I realize that everything I do own takes money, space, needs time and effort to maintain it or store it. It is easier to keep your possessions to the minimum, so you can easily store them and take good care of them. Not every small thing deserves to be saved.

7. Being kind can do the magic, try to be kind to everyone! Think of a situation when your kindness saved you from a big drama. I am sure that you will find more than one situation. When you give a homeless human some money, s/he prays for you, then everything changes. Anything you were overwhelmed with, just goes.

8. Holding grudges is the worst thing after committing suicide, all of us has our things that irritates us and maybe worse this one thing is making our life negative. So, it is always the right decision to let go and forgive. It is not for them, but it is for your wellbeing.

9. Passion is the secret, finding your passion is a journey you have to live to find true happiness. Passion is the thing the sparkles your eyes every time you are talking about it. It is the thing that keeps you awake at night! Or it is the thing that wakes you up early.

10. Everything will be ok, everything you are worrying about or overthinking about will pass. If it doesn't matter 5 years from now, so it doesn't deserve more than 5 minutes from your time. Put everything in its right perspective!

11. I can't control anything but myself, whenever I am in a situation where I can't control it; I just think about myself as this is the only thing I am controlling. My actions and reactions to everything around me is the only thing that I can fully control to my benefit.

12. Be grateful, every time you think negatively force yourself to count the blessings you do have. This way you will force your thoughts to think positively about the things you have instead of thinking negatively about the things that are missing.

13. Sometimes being selfish is really good, if you are not deeply pampered you can't pamper others. So, you always deserve some "me" time to recharge and be able to serve people, work, community. To be able to run after your dailies.

14. Community service adds meaning to your life, when you are helping others to reach one of their goals with your money or time or effort; you do automatically add value to your life. By the smallest of actions, you do help yourself to feel worthy.

15. Keep learning, it is never too late for this certificate or this course. It is never too late to complete your bachelor degree or masters degree. It is never too late to get your MBA or learn this new language. Now with the help of the internet, you do have the full spectrum of resources to learn and keep learning.

16. Do your homework first, before asking for help do your homework first. All the learnings and excitement happens in the journey not in the end result. If you really want it, work hard for it!

17. Be proactive, this should be your motto in your day-to-day life. Being proactive gives you the room to create opportunities. On the other hand, being reactive will always saves for you the second place as a reaction not an action.

18. Listen more than you talk, before talking you have to listen; this will help you understand and react accordingly. I believe that is why we do have 2 ears and only one mouth.

19. People deserves a second chance, we are all humans and there are human mistakes that we need to understand. So, give second chances to people instead of losing them.

20. Believe in yourself, believe that you are enough; so all other people have the same perspective on yourself. Never belittle yourself or your capabilities. Believe me you will be surprised.

21. The magic words are "Thank you", "Please" and "Sorry", in every situation you have to use on of the magic words. This is tried and true in making magic happens.

22. Deadlines are important, however sometimes you may divert, in every project I have worked on I have paid so much attention to the deadlines and how should I squeeze myself to achieve them with no extensions! This is not always working, sometimes you need to squeeze yourself, others you need an extensions, others you need to say that you don't have time now.

23. Everything is connected and you will be surprised, physical symptoms are highly connected to the psychological symptoms and vice versa. If you are psychologically stressed, you are in high risk to develop physical illness and this is a fact. I went through it more than once in my lifetime. As a result to my day-to-day work stress, I have developed several urinary bladder infections and once I have developed Chicken Pox.

24. Don't compare your chapter #1 with others chapter #20, at some point in my life I have compared my one-page CV as a fresh graduate to my father's CV as a professional. And I felt ashamed that "I didn't work enough"! After a second thought, I added to the equation more circumstances such as: the age difference, the experience level, the things I have done during my university years however he didn't have the same opportunities. Same goes with comparing yourself to other colleagues as well! Everyone has his own story that is different and unique. Everyone of us has his own timeline, so don't rush things up.

25. Give back as much as you can, you can give back money or you give back learnings. It is really good to feel the gratitude to give back. Mentor someone that needs help in your are of expertise for example. Believe me, this way you will feel a new taste of success.

Now sit down and reflect on what you have read, what are your lifetime lessons learned?


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