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2020 Farewell

2020 was a tough year in many aspects due to the global pandemic that started in March & continues to date. The year started normally & ordinarily as every new year. It just happens. First of January comes right after the countdown & fireworks. Lets say it was normal. I have prepared a set of resolutions that I wished to follow religiously. However, the universe had another perspective.

By March everything changed & the new normal started to bombard our lives! All of our lives changed because of the COVID19 pandemic. Everything is not the same anymore! Putting your mask on all of the time. To the extent you can’t tell if the person in front of you is smiling or crying! Wash your hands more frequently & keep sanitising with alcohol all of the time. Keeping a social distancing of 2 meters. You are afraid to catch the virus or transmit it to your family members or friends, nothing called a common flu anymore!

Putting all of these negativities aside, I will try to shed the light on the positive things that have happened during the past year.

  1. No more time to commute. I was commuting everyday for 3-4 hours from home to office & back. This year, last time to commute was on the 16th of March.

  2. Stayed with my family more. Instead of being in a hurry all of the time with all the meetings & outings. Now, I have plenty of time to stay at home with my family.

  3. Working from Home helped in saving a lot of time. So, I was able to include more things into my life like exercising or reading & so on. I know a lot of people who have learned new skills & hobbies.

  4. Working from home led to some changes in your appetite. For me, I have lost weight given that I am not tempted with others who keep snacking or eating junk most of the time. Others were bored to the extent of eating more. Don’t be harsh on yourself though & you can change this once you’d like to.

At the end, 2020 was a year full of ups & downs. Some people lost weight, kept their jobs, got promotion, graduated, found love, got engaged or married, got pregnant, or gave birth. On the other hand, other people gained weight, lost their jobs, didn’t graduate, got a breakup or a divorce. But the bottomline is to keep a positive note & think of the positives while welcoming & planning for the new year.

Lets hope for a better 2021, a year with new opportunities & adventures to be lived!


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