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2019 Vision Boards Creation

Last Thursday, Giza Capital Rotary Club has organized a workshop with the helping hand of Dalia El-Sawy from 6th of October-Zayed Rotary Club to create the vision boards for 2019. To know more about vision boards, rotary, and much more keep reading.

What is the Rotary?

Rotary is a place where people gather to share ideas and solve the community problems by taking lasting actions for a positive change. Rotary connects 1.2 million people worldwide who are taking actions locally and globally. For 110 years and still counting we are fighting disease, fighting illiteracy, fighting poverty, providing clean water, and bridging cultures.

Besides Rotary, there are Interact (468,556 members between 12 and 18 years old) and Rotaract (250,792 members between 18 and 30 years old) programs for children and youth to get a flavor of charity work and sustainable development projects.

What are vision boards?

Vision board is a law of attraction tool to manifest your desires in life. It helps you invest time and energy to visualize your future and remember your life goals. To create yours, you need to brainstorm your goals for 2019 then check different magazines or the internet for the visualization of your dreams. Get a card-stock paper with the color of your choice, fold it or cut it as you wish then start glueing your images to the board.

One of the most important things while creating your board, is to write your affirmations in the present tense instead of the future tense. And never use "negatives", your mind can't progress the "not" so instead of "I don't want to be stressed" write it "I want to be stress-free".

What have happened?

On Thursday, we have met at Al Maqarr at The Greek Campus booking a nice room for 3 hours. And then the magic started! We have briefly started to discuss what is Rotary to non-Rotarians who have joined us, then we had a quick brief on vision boards. Later, for 2 hours everyone was focusing on his/her vision board and how to include everything needed! While listening to good music, drinking coffee, and having a good talk the day was well spend and everyone started 2019 on a good note with a nice-looking vision board to visualize everything they wish for in 2019.

I personally believe that 1 picture worth 1000 words, so check the collage above to get the spirit of the activity.

My 2018 lessons learned to start 2019:

  1. We are not living here to impress anybody, it is enough to impress yourself.

  2. You have to stand for yourself.

  3. You have to draw your own limits.

  4. You have to know that you are worthy.

  5. You should do everything to feel content.

  6. Failure is the first step before success.

  7. Learn to say NO, when you don't feel it.

  8. Be courageous and don't let the past ruin your future.

  9. Always try to balance between work, life, and passion.

  10. Hard-work pays off at the end.


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