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19 for 2019

I do create my resolutions, vision boards, and all other ways to keep track of what to accomplish in a new year that has started really soon! Today, I have decided to copy Gretchen Rubin method to create annual goals that rhythms with the year (aka. 18 for 2018).

  1. Lose 20-25 Kilograms to reach my goal weight.

  2. Read at least 12 books this year.

  3. Watch at least 12 movies this year.

  4. Get in touch more with my family & old friends (outings, calls, texts, ...).

  5. Grow my Blog influence.

  6. Grow my Social Media base.

  7. Volunteer more.

  8. Donate more.

  9. Get into new experience to learn better.

  10. Find good balance between my mind and heart.

  11. Do a one "no spend" challenge.

  12. Be mindful & live on less stress levels.

  13. Be more grateful to small day-to-day accomplishments.

  14. Really work on my first book to be ready-to-publish.

  15. Create my own life manifesto.

  16. Pray more often.

  17. Make myself at "OM" state or one-ness state.

  18. Use less plastic to save the planet.

  19. Take ownership of your mistakes.


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