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18 Great memories from 2018

Today, I have decided to reflect on the best 18 memories from 2018. All of the posts recently were mentioning how negative 2018 was. However, for me 2018 is a normal year with a list of ups & downs. Here, I have decided to look at the cup as half-full. With 18 really happy memories from 2018, I can tell that I was happy during the year.

  1. Knowing new people through out the year, some are friends & some are lessons.

  2. Enjoying my trips to Dahshour, Sokhna, and Fayoum.

  3. Attending Swan Lake Ballet show in January.

  4. Getting my Rotary pin in February.

  5. Visiting دير الأنبا سمعان الخراز in March.

  6. Attending my first Amr Diab live in March.

  7. Climbing Dahshour pyramid (a bit smaller that the Great pyramid) in April.

  8. Getting a Certificate of Recognition from our CDO in May.

  9. Meeting the Indians with Rotary in May.

  10. Getting a Certificate of Recognition from our Marketing VP in June.

  11. My first business trip to Dubai in June.

  12. Visiting Atlantis Aqua Park in Dubai in June.

  13. Catching Chicken-Pox with 3 weeks vacation in September.

  14. Launching this website in mid-September.

  15. Working with a videography team during RiseUp event in December,

  16. Organizing my first end-to-end fundraising event with Rotary in December.

  17. Putting on full make-up for the first time in December.

  18. Becoming the Giza Capital Rotary Club Secretariat in December.


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