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The good in the bad

I always believe in the good in the bad. I always believe that things happen either for a reason or for a lesson. As the world is feeling apocalyptic, I am feeling all the blessings in the world.

I understand the fear; I am scared too as well but I see the lesson. It’s the time I always dreamed off to lay back, watch and assist. You see, the world is very fast and to keep with the fast pace, you always feel like you’re in a race. In a competition and someone else is basically wining. Our lives made us feel like nothing is enough, nothing is concentrate.

As for now, you do your work at home, that’s basically true but aren’t you as well realizing the bullshit of the capitalism? I mean the lie of your work can’t be done in any other place then the office? Do you see the real essences of things?

What is more important to you? Do you get to lay back and watch?

Do you get to see where the negative impact was coming from?

Do you see who has been fooling you?

Do you finally enjoy the warm cup of coffee without burning your tongue because you're late?

Do you remember your dreams?

Your hobbies?

You know what are your priorities?

Do you realize how small you are?

And how big the world is?

Didn’t you miss your family?

Isn’t it great that you feel 11 again?

Do you see the blessings we have?

All this are great examples of how this is turning out to be great. People take years and years to have such realization. It’s a great nourishing lesson that we all should embrace. It’s absolutely amazing.


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