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how to find the perfect jeans fitting your body types?

Ever saw a pair of jeans that looked fab on someone or some model but when you tried them out. it didn't look the best? Maybe the answer is: they do not flatter your body type.

so here's your guide on shopping the perfect jeans matching your body type.

- wide leg pants:

Those pants were a great hit for a while and they give a very nice impression and makes leg look taller. This pants are perfect for: Petite, curvy petite, inverted triangle and pear shape.

where to shop?

Mom Jeans.

The mom jeans fits well at the waist and goes more straight as it goes down.

the pants are great for pear shape, hourglass and petite as it embrace curves.

where to find it?

- Flare pants.

Those are my favorite go to pants because it gives a length to my legs and I feel super stylish wearing them and the difference between them and the wide leg is that they are wider from the top of the waist to the end of the legs. it's perfect for pear shape, athletic figures, rectangle and inverted traingle.

where to find it?

- skinny jeans.

I am not a fund of skinny jeans anymore however if you have an athletic body, rectangle or an apple body shape they would look amazing on you.

where to find it?

- boot-cut:

boot cut is similar to wide leg and flare but a little bit tighter from the waist and hips and goes a little bit dramatic like a bell shape from the end of the legs. perfect match for: pear and hourglass.

where to get them?

last but not least, this is a personal opinion and to find the perfect jeans you need to go out and try with different types of jeans until you find your perfect match. Also, you make the perfect piece not the piece that makes you perfect.


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