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Supporting Arab Women Content Creation

At She Can event, I have got another chance to hear the stories of Arab women creating content on Youtube. "Youtube Batala" is a program to support content created by Arab Women on Youtube. This program included: Nahla Maaty - known as @noonssway, creating video content about food, travels, and shopping, Nourhan Akram - having a personal blog, Nada Magdy - creating content around what she find valuable, Aliaa Essam Eldin - creating video content about life.

Coming from the mindset of women shouldn’t create video content or be recorded on camera or speak up their thoughts. Arab women started to know that “we are not alone”, knowing that all of our issues are common within the Arab women community.

And to create content on Youtube or elsewhere; as a content creator you need to:

  1. Find your niche topics

  2. Try your best to convey a positive message

  3. Find your mission or aim

  4. Mix your interests within your content

  5. Network to share your content and be visible

And right after starting to create content professionally; remember that perfectionism is not the aim. Having said that, keep creating genuine content, remembering to prioritize the different things that you do with life beside creating content, and plan ahead to stay on track.

The final message from the panel was to continue trying to understand your needs. Enjoy dreaming and plan to put actions and goals to your dreams to come true.



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