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The power of two

At She Can event, I have attend the chat by Mojo Elsherbeny and Noha Nowia around the "power of two". They are the founder of "by bike"; a tricycle that is well decorated and offers fresh street food during different occasions. And thay spoke about the power they have found in the partnership.

By Bike Story

At 2015 , after the Egyptian economic devaluation, Majo lost hope to revive his tourism company and he kept on thinking of aside business that might help in their life together as they were planning to get married back then so they have started the idea and took the initiative to start street food bikes to achieve their couple goal. So, they have encouraged each other and began with no shame or fear from the community. So, they have started with the famous local product “mashed sweet potatoes" with unique toppings and sprinkles which was served for the first time in Egypt streets and it boomed and spread rapidly and this success led to the expansion of this business and do "bybike carts" that serves Egyptian steet food such as: hawashii, kofta, crispy chicken and many more yummy food.

The customers buy their food because of their edge in terms of: convenience, offering clean flavorful food for a reasonable price and in a sociable setting. And they kept on developing their business and improved their quality of service and started to cater alot of multinational corporates and events such as: Vodafone, American embassy in cairo, DHL, Teleperformance, Credit Agreicole bank, SOUQ by amazon, Price waterhouse Cooper, and IBM.

And below you will read their two cents on choosing your business partner

While choosing a business partner, the partner needs to be well-balanced to ensure a successful business ahead. As well the partner is the person that we will deal together in all states and through all of the times.

Agreeing on how to deal if this partnership broke or there is a struggle between both of you of any type or at anytime. You have to ask yourselves whether you are struggling with the same vision or are we struggling with different visions. Eventually this will lead to the solution only if we understand how to agree on a solution.

Partners need to be different but are united with the same purpose, to ensure that they are feeding, growing, and nurturing their business properly.



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