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A new beginning for handmade products in Egypt

At "She Can" event by Entreprenelle, there was a stage talk by Mariam El Shakawy - Head of E-Commerce for Agriculture around the new beginning for handmade products in Egypt.

Where she emphasized that the future is in the Egyptian women hands and in the heart of the digital transformation took place with the COVID pandemic, which is e-commerce, leading to a big sector of handmade products owners to start to promote & sell their products digitally through establishing an e-commerce platform for agricultural or manufacturing products or authentic handicrafts through "by Egyptian Hands" initiative.

This was a 2022 initiative during that launched during the International Women's Day to support female designers and craftswomen to transform their business digitally as an alternative during the pandemic. E-commerce is a virtual platform to facilitate marketing and selling products. And handicrafts depends mainly on creativity and entrepreneurship. So, through "by Egyptian Hands" we are enabling women with entrepreneurial skills and only leaving the craftsmen to stay creative without planning or working on the business side.

At the end, this initiative "by Egyptian Hands" provides an end-to-end business solution in the form of services that enhances the creativity, promote, and sell the handicrafted Egyptian heritage products internationally.



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