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Today while scrolling instagram, I have found that "February is for Fat Burning" or "FEB for FAB" as a shorter title. So, let us post more often around fat burning & help me (and whomever interested) to lose weight this month specifically as a kick start. Whoever follows me on Instagram knows that I have started my vegan lifestyle mid January to lose weight & live a healthier life (with one cheat meal every 15 days).

In this series of posts, my first post is a guest post from Yasmine Boghdady & around her transformation story of losing weight & living a healthier life. Beside the journey behind creating Veggies & Junk Instagram account. Scroll down to the story of the transformation.

What got you into this?

When anyone asks what got me into this, I simply say I stepped on the scale one day and found myself the fattest i’ve ever been (69.9kg coming from 56kg), but it wasn’t that fact that hit me, as much as realizing that even though I didn’t like my body, I still made a conscious decision to walk in it and go about my life wearing it when it didn’t really fit me. It bothered me how I listened to myself make fashion choices, and willingly driving to a mall that’s 30+ kilos away from home just to buy a pair of trousers, or a top that’s gonna be worn twice or thrice at maximum, but couldn’t go so far for my body, worse yet for myself and self-esteem.

When was the turning-point?

The difference between pre-March 2019 and post-March is the Yo-Yo effect. It took me a year and 3 months of dieting wrong, to really understand what it means to “change one’s lifestyle”. I didn’t want to be just thin”ner” anymore. I wanted to be thin. For me, and all the effort I put in. For every time I’d tame my taste buds to listen to me dodge ice-cream, unnecessary lotus desserts and senses-provoking dining tables.

What is your new lifestyle?

I now go to the gym religiously every weekday at 7am with my sister, and on weekends I power walk while taking the time to self-reflect and watch netflix downloads. When I wake up feeling heavy - because these days exist too - I would remind myself of how good it feels when I’m done training. I meal prep always because I refuse to give up my effort to wasted calories, and my time on delivery hassles.

What is Veggies & Junk?

The hunger for more changed my mentality completely. I started training because I loved to and not because I had to. Junk is not what I crave now - most of the time. I look at food as an opportunity to nourish and reach my goal and so passionately cook. This is when I wanted to share my eats with more people and so started a blog (Veggies & Junk). A platform where i not only share my passion for health, but also photography and cooking. The mind games continue to be the toughest part, but the secret ingredients are really consistency, understanding and rooted passion for your goal and dedication. These will pin you down every time you’re hungry, but understand that sometimes you’ll have to say no. Hard work and effort is the product once you have the special ingredients on the table.



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