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My Fitness Journey | July - September

Quarantine, working from home, and trying to lose weight keeping a healthier lifestyle is a tough journey already. So, I have decided to relax & take it slowly. Which led to skipping the monthly updates for the past 3 months. However, decided to come back & checkin on monthly basis. In addition to creating more exclusive content for this section and the Instagram account as well.

So, a quick update. Since the first of June 2020, I have lost 12 kilos!! Going all the way down from 82.2 kilos to 70.2 kilos in 4 months (losing around 3 kilos per month). A key learning to start with, weight loss is anything but a downward sloping linear graph!! You keep trying and trying, losing some then gaining some then losing again.

Weight loss won’t happen except through a calorie deficit. Or in other words, to burn more calories that the calories you take from eating and drinking throughout the day. So, basically you need to count your calories intake (even then tiniest bites, as these piles up). And keep track of the activities that you burn calories through. Remember to always keep a deficit!!

Then comes the first part of the calorie deficit equation, burning calories through exercising. You need to move, even if this just means a daily walk. You can count your exercise through any of the mobile applications or any sports/health watch that fits your budget. A quick disclaimer, this will never be an accurate measure however it is a nice estimate.

Right after comes the second part of the equation, less calories intake. You need to track that as well, I do use “My Fitness Pal” which calculates the calorie intake you need to take to keep your energy level sustained & lose weight steadily with a healthy pattern.

A quick list of other things to take care of & I will write about them throughly In here later.

  1. Drink 3-4 liters of water daily.

  2. During the working hours mix between sitting & standing.

  3. During the phone calls or conference calls try walking around.

  4. Keep healthy & clean snacks reachable.

  5. Use the 80/20 rule to indulge every while a bit.


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