26 before 26!!

I have always had certain age milestones that I am looking for (18, 21, 25, 30, 60). Last week, I have reached my third milestone. Now, I have lived a quarter of a century on this Earth. I might be having the quarter-life crisis, still not sure. In the middle of all of the celebrations, I have thought of 26 things that I want to do before this time next year. First, I want to give you a glimpse on what is the quarter-life crisis I might be having during this time of my life for those who don't know it. Then, we will proceed to our blog topic (26 things to achieve before I reach 26). Quarter-life crisis is the anxiety you have over your live. Am I working on the right direction? Do I have a high quality of life? It all starts with questioning your purpose of life, then social media makes you feel anxious. There is an inner-conflict between being an independent grown-up & wanting your parents to take good care of you. Let us come back to our topic, what are my 26 things that I want to experience before my Go 24 hours with no Social Media/internet. Finish my digital marketing diploma. Excel in my professional live. Do a creative project for Rotary in Egypt. Finish 24 new books. Run a marathon. Be a TEDx speaker. Go for a road trip. Lose 20 KG. Keep my collection of coins & sea shells. Overcome my fear of dogs. Spend less & invest more. Learn how to yoga. Do my annual medical checkup. Develop a morning & night routine that fits me. Go to more sightseeing trips. Do more sustainable development/charity projects. Live more sustainably. Meet the people I like on social media in real-life. Learn to live a stress-free life. Do more sports & get sweaty. Go to new adventures. Take a cooking class. (DONE, cooking my pizza) Go to Kidzania adults night. (DONE, becoming a pizza chef, pilot, journalist, DHL agent) Create more work-life balance. Cross out everything on this list. References: - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Quarter-life_crisis - https://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/quarter-life-crisis-mid-twenties-career-job-relationships-shopping-temping-taylor-swift-dating-a7502206.html

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