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What if?!

At the She Can event, I have saw Eman Sobhy the content creator & the founder of "What If?!" stage talk. The talk was to answr "what is there are no different perspectives?".

Eman started her talk stating that; whether in the eastern culture or the western culture there is a gender pay gap. Eastern girls are asking for basic rights such as the equal opportunities in education and walking safely in the street. Then comes the gender pay gap in every industry you can think of. Always males are paid more than females!

Since the 70s Om Kalthoum was paid less than Abd El Halim Hafez! And the issue continues since then, Fatma Youssef a pioneer femal journalist who launched "Rosa El Youssef" newspaper to compete with "Al Ahram" the national newspaper was the mother of Youssef El Sebai the well-known Egyptian writer and minister; how on Earth this amazing woman be paid less that her male counterparts?

In the political scene as well, female representation is lower than the male representation, and to ensure a quick and better response to the conflict-issues happening in countries and government, we need to enhance the female political representation. In New Ziland the head of government is a 37-year old female "Jacenda Ardern" that with her decisions and actions overcame a war that might have happen when Muslims were killed in a Mosque. As well, out of her quick response during the pandemic, New Ziland was the fastest country to overcame the COVID Pandemic. Jacenda herself once said publicly that she didn’t imagine to become the head of the government because of the glass-ceiling imposed on her, as she thought being a woman will hinder her from leading the government.

And finally, Kofi Anan the secretary - general of the UN between 1997 and 2006, said than women empowerment is the most important development act. So, lets support & empower women during the women month & all year long.



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