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International Women’s Day - Jevan

Alaa - Jevan natural hair treatment

Alaa decided to bond her theoretical studies with the practical aspect of medicine, through building a community that is aware of the real problems & the natural solutions. She aims to give life naturally to your natural look through Jivan.

Her employees are mostly women. And Alaa works to give them a chance to develop their skills as fresh graduates, to find their value, and to expose them from such a young age. The challenges she faces with her team are the need to have a work-life balance for the working women to feel satisfied while working two full-time jobs (one from 9-5 & the other at home to meet the needs of her family); and this demands inner support coming from yourself to yourself to accept the emerging challenges. As well as support from people around surrounding you (your support system). As well Alaa makes sure that every team member on her team understands their role well & how it contributes to the big picture. To enhance the team’s mood & mental health.

As for her clients, she aims to create a world where self-love is natural through the usage of natural products.

Alaa’s advice to the family is to accept the new ideas of their children without underestimating it at all. And give the needed effort to the new project to kick start it. And her advice to young ladies is to know yourself well & define your values, then find your goals& passion. The start line is analyzing yourself & create your personal brand before even branding your brand.



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