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International Women’s Day - Asory & Anzo Fashion Houses

Rana - Asory fashion house

Asory fashion house was founded to express her own style and expressing each & every woman through her collection & through expressing the feelings, characters, and the environment of the client as well.

More over; she has turned one of the most polluted industries, which is the fashion industry, to a sustainable business through founding another sister brand called “Anzo” for ethical fashion. Where she designs the clothes with 65% eco-friendly fabrics.

Her employees are mainly women; the employees works either on the patron or the embroidery or finally the production of the designs. And Rana is supporting her employees to develop their skills even further than that & she helps her employees to participate in the design process end-to-end; and learn through experimentation to develop new ideas from scratch.

As for her clients, they are also women. And Rana along with her team works with a 1:1 customized & personalized approach with the client to express their own self instead of re-creating from an existing design. Rana is empowering women with her unique authentic designs.

The challenge that faces Rana is that women have a limiting belief that they can’t work on machinery; however when they are given the the opportunity to work on it, they reveal their detail-oriented nature and do the job perfectly. Another challenge it that most of the women employees ij her team are supporting their families financially, so there is an on-going talk between Rana & the employees to empower then to be prepared while speaking & persuading their husbands, fathers, brothers, or sons whenever there are deliverables that requires late working.

Rana sees that communication is an essesntial to express yourself! So, her advice is to find a way to communicate with others well. It is effort & communication! And Rana’s advice for young ladies is to be resistant. It is not easy! But you have to keep educating yourself, believing in yourself & stay passionate.



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