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International Women's Day

I was invited on the 10th of March, 2022 to attend the Sweden Embassy celebration in the highlight of the International Women's Day in collaboration with Entreprenelle. The celebration was held at the Swedish Embassy with keynote speeches from the Swedish ambassador Mr. Hakan Emsgard & Entreprenelle CEO Rania Ayman; followed by a panel discussion including 4 success stories of start-ups that are growing & empowering women. And the event was attended by the Finnish ambassador and the Maltese ambassador, in addition to a group of well-established women, entrepreneurs, and media professionals.

The Swedish ambassador emphasized on the "Gender Equality" policies imposed by Sweden & extended to other places around the globe. As well as emphasized the fact that there is a roadmap placed to implement this police even further. And this is reflected in the women representation in different places around the world; although living in the middle of hard times globally. The "Gender Equality" policy was initially created in 2014 and currently extended to all EU countries & imposed in various multinational companies.

Entreprenelle founder emphasized that we should believe in women having a voice & a chair on the decision-making table. Women proved to be bold to stand for themselves & their families. And we should celebrate successes & failures in every single day. Success is not only in being a CEO, but in surviving mentally with well-being is the secret sauce.

Then came the panel discussing "Women in the work environment"; having on stage Heba the founder of the Mummy club to support mothers, Rana the founder of Asory fashion house, Alaa the founder of Jivan for natural hair products, and Mahmoud the founder of Danaaya which is a software development outsourcing company; and the panel was moderated by Fatma Tawfik the marketing guru at Entreprenelle.

Stay tuned for the upcoming 4 articles from the panel! Follow for more.



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