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Go Green - slow fashion & sustainable designs

At She Can event, I took the opportunity to attend the stage chat by Manal Saleh the CEO of The Egyptian Clothing Bank & the founder of Almah with Salma Ehab a brand manager speaking about going green through slow fashion and sustainable designs.

Egyptian organization such as The Egyptian Clothing Bank, collects used clothes ensuring that every piece turns out to be a brand new piece for a person in need. With a special focus on students graduating from universities and being in need (the beneficiaries are estimated to be around 1,000,000 people). And the aim is to provide people in need with the 108 clothing elements that should be available in every wardrobe to the right target audience.

Moreover Almah is an initiative to fundraise for The Egyptian Clothing Bank, which is a high-end brand designing and creating contemporary clothes pieces from antique raw materials. So, it is an Egyptian sustainable brand!

Sustainability is to use the same item for a long period of time through reusing or recycling it. And sustainability is met by the clothing bank collecting around 5,000,000 items annually from brands in Egypt that will otherwise be burnt or wasted.



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